Friday at Five: Lists of Five

Is five a magic number that people will click on to find out what’s on the list? Is it just the right number you think you have the time to read? I don’t know but there are lots of lists out there with 5 things you should know.  This month we continue to learn about the coronavirus and we include a little de-stressing during the holidays!

5 Things Everyone Should Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak
From Yale Medicine and updated 11/23/21, scientists and public health officials continue to work as quickly as possible to find more answers to key questions about how the disease affects the body and why some cases are more severe than others, and identify the best treatments for COVID-19. Read the list of five things you should know about the coronavirus.

5 Critical Areas To Clean Upon Reopening
While at different varying stages, businesses across the country are slowly but returning to some degree of in-person employment, prompting many in-house cleaning teams and building service contractors (BSCs) to game-plan the best infection control and safety practices for occupants. Increased sanitation and touchpoint disinfection is a given for facilities, but other key areas of office buildings should not be overlooked both from a health and optics standpoint. With that in mind, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba president Diana Rodriguez-Zaba penned an article for Forbes (@forbes) highlighting 5 key places workplaces should think about cleaning as offices reopen.

COP26: 5 things to know about the ‘climate-smart’ health care initiative
From our old friend Tom Sullivan (@SullyHIT) at Health Evolution and the premise of climate change posing the single greatest problem to public health, what is being done about that? Here are 5 things that came out of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland that focus on climate-smart health care.

Activity trackers: 5 things to consider
The technology is amazing, the various features can provide a wealth of information about your health, and there’s definitely a “cool” factor. But is an activity tracker for everyone Activity trackers range from basic devices to ones loaded with features, and they’re available at prices to fit about every budget. If you’re considering one for yourself or as a holiday gift, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

5 tips to help tackle holiday stress
We’re heading into what’s often dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year,” and you may agree. Still, added pressures amid the holiday season can test even the jolliest of elves. Beyond the usual decorating, shopping, cooking, social obligations and more, this year there may again be concerns about avoiding COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. At times, the holidays may be as stressful as they are festive For some help on this consider these tips from Dr. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer of UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual.

5 Ways Payers and Health Plans Optimize Performance
Finding a complete provider lifecycle management system, as a payer, involves not only the right technology but also dedicating the right resources to the performance of the network for provider outreach and onboarding, credentialing, contracting and ongoing data maintenance for the provider directories. By using a Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, your organization can better track complex provider relationships, demographics, and payment terms to optimize your provider network. PLM solutions also give your organization the ability to better serve members and impact the bottom line. This article from Virsys12 (@Virsys12) explains:

  • What is provider lifecycle management (PLM) system?
  • The benefits of and enterprise PLM system
  • Robust processes and systems to support PLM

5 points to cover when establishing a chief wellness officer
There has never been more attention to physician burnout and well-being than since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet this troubling phenomenon isn’t new—doctor burnout has been a problem in health care for decades. It’s time for organizations to place physician well-being front and center. Dr. Shanafelt is professor of medicine, associate dean and chief wellness officer at Stanford Medicine shares five things organizations should consider when establishing a chief wellness officer.

Five tips for choosing a new primary care physician
Finding the right Health Care Provider requires research and planning.
Here are five tips for choosing a new primary care physician from BCBS.

5 eClinicalWorks Features to Start Using Now So Your Practice Skyrockets in 2022
From Revele MD (@ReveleMD)– eClinicalWorks’ newsletter recently recapped 5 specific eClinicalWorks and healow National Conference features to start utilizing now so that you can set your practice up for success in 2022.

5 Ways a Medical Device Marketing Agency Can Fast-Track Success
Tom Bonaventura from Clarity Quest (@CQmarketing) writes, Medical device marketing is changing at a rapid rate. The days of handing your sales team a stack of collateral and sending them off to meet quotas are long gone. The rise of The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and the ongoing pandemic have led to one of the more significant and rapid transformations across the healthcare industry. While predicting the future is far more complex than analyzing the past, we know that the growth of digital health, medical device technology, and health IT products will put an increasing emphasis on marketing to reach a growing number of key decision-makers and influencers. With this in mind, many smaller, mid-tier, and emerging medical device companies struggle with the decision to hire an in-house marketing team or utilize an outsourced marketing agency.