Friday at Five – Holiday Gift Ideas

Need the perfect gift? Welcome to a literary exploration of the intricate world of healthcare through the lens of insightful and thought-provoking books. In this curated collection, we delve into the pages that unravel the complexities of the health system, patient experiences, and the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. From gripping narratives to informative guides, these books offer a diverse perspective on the challenges, triumphs, and ethical considerations within the healthcare domain. Whether you’re shopping for a healthcare professional, a student, or simply curious about the field, each book in this week’s Friday at Five is sure to illuminate and enrich your knowledge. Additionally, each of the authors was also a guest on one of our radio or podcast shows so be sure to check out those interviews.

Dead Wrong: Diagnosing and Treating Healthcare’s Misinformation Illness by Geeta Nayyar, MD

In Dead Wrong: Diagnosing and Treating Healthcare’s Misinformation Illness, a team of health misinformation experts delivers a first-hand account of the dangers posed by false narratives and snake oil in the face of deadly healthcare crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic. In the book, you’ll explore the challenges facing those who fight to restore truth to a place of primacy in the United States healthcare system, the strategies they use, and the lessons you can draw from their real-world stories.

Hosts Gil Bashe and Gregg Masters MPH chat with Dr. G about her book and more on this insightful episode of Health UnaBASHEd.

Stop Starvation Marketing by Chris Slocumb 

Get ready to embark on a journey through twenty-three power moves that will help you grow a successful healthcare, biotech, or IT company. With practical tips and real-world success stories, Stop Starvation Marketing is a must-read for tech leaders looking to take their marketing to the next level. Every chapter is packed with tactics, tips, and punchy anecdotes that immediately demonstrate each point.

Additionally, Carol Flagg talks to author Christine Clocumb on this episode of What’s My Tagline?

The Balance Equation by Stuart Rosenblum and Rob Fiance

Virtually everyone struggles to stay balanced and carve out time for the things that are most important to them, a task that is increasingly difficult in today’s frenetic world. In The Balance Equation: Find Your Formula for Living Your Best Life authors Rob Fiance and Stuart Rosenblum offer a simple but comprehensive program for balancing the four life categories of self, health, relationships, and money.

On a special episode of This Just In host Justin Barnes, aka the @HITAdvisor, invites co-authors of The Balance Equation, Stuart Rosenblum and Rob Fiance. Listen in as they discuss their breakthrough book showing those who feel overwhelmed or just unable to find balance how to move closer to this elusive and vitally important goal.

Voices in Innovation by Edward W. Marx

Everyone talks innovation and we can all point to random examples of innovation inside of healthcare information technology, but few repeatable processes exist that make innovation more routine than happenstance. Through timely essays from leading experts, the first edition showcased the widely adopted healthcare innovation model from HIMSS and how providers could leverage to increase their velocity of digital transformation. Regardless of its promise, innovation has been slow in healthcare. The second edition takes the critical lessons learned from the first edition, expands and refreshes the content as a result of changes in the industry and the world.

Check out this interview on Health UnaBASHEd for an up close interview with author Edward W. Marx.

Hospitable Healthcare: Just What the Patient Ordered! by Stowe Shoemaker Ph.D and Peter Yesawich Ph.D

Most consumers agree their service experiences with hospitals, clinics, and physicians fall well short of their service experiences with hotels, resorts, and restaurants. So, what would their experiences be like if healthcare providers served them the same way hospitality providers do?

Given that both industries share many common service touchpoints, one wonders whether healthcare service providers could adopt principles of hospitality to enhance the patient experience. The insights shared in this book reveal the answer: yes!

Rich with original survey data, examples, and interviews with widely admired hospitality and healthcare service practitioners, Hospitable Healthcare is a valuable resource guaranteed to enhance the patient experience.

On this recent episode of Digital Health Talks the hosts and Dr. Yesawich unveil the secrets of Dr. Yesawich’s forthcoming book, “Hospitable Healthcare: Just What the Patient Ordered!” They discuss how healthcare experiences can be transformed by borrowing principles from the hospitality industry.

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