Friday at Five – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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It’s October and that means it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the time of year when we see pops of pink around town, on billboards, social media and TV commercials reminding us to support the cause. This week’s Friday at Five highlights the latest in research, advice, fund raising and prevention.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, on average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Learn more facts and information about breast cancer by visiting

6 Women Share What They Wish Others Would Stop Saying About Breast Cancer

BC Healthline (@healthline) community members share why six well-meaning messages about breast cancer may cause more harm than good.

Books, Movies, and Podcasts for Every Stage of the Breast Cancer Experience

Anyone who has been through a challenging or traumatic life event knows that finding others who share your experience can be comforting and even healing. Healthline contributor, Monica Haro, shares her 11 favorite books, movies, and podcasts for every stage of the breast cancer experience.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021: In-Person and Virtual Events to Honor Survivors and Families

According to Shape (@Shape_Magazine) magazine ever since 1985, when October was declared National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the autumnal period has served as the backdrop for walks, runs, conferences, and a bevy of other fundraisers. This year, there are more ways than ever to get involved — both in-person and virtually. Stand up and stand with breast cancer survivors by signing up for one, or several, of these events.