Friday at Five – 10/8/10

Join us every Friday at Five for our weekly top 5 favorites in the world of HIT and HITECH. This week our newest expert Mary Pat Whaley, FACMPE. Mary Pat is a Medical Practice Management Expert and Blogger and she gives us five signs that mean you probably are NOT ready to implement your EHR.

  1. Are you moving from a practice management system to a new EHR? Are you using the same vendor? Are there communication problems with the vendor?
  2. Is your current practice management system running with no “issues”?
  3. Do you have more that one locations? Have decisions be made on patient EMR being one “shared” record or individual records for each location? Have all your decisions on multi-location clinic been made?
  4. Is there a single “point person” running the show and keeping everything together?
  5. Is everyone that need to be, on board with the project? IS there lots of frustration and worried faces? Does everyone know their role in the implementation?