Friday at Five – 10/22/10


Join us every Friday at Five for our weekly top 5 favorites in the world of HIT and HITECH. This week are 5 reasons to consider Windows 7 for your health care organization.

  1. Windows 7’s support for Touch and Multi-touch allows healthcare professionals to communicate much more meaningfully with patients. It makes it easier to share images and graphics in the surgery using programs and devices that exploit this type of hands-on technology.
  2. Using Tablet PCs as they do in health care organizations, the OS has improved handwriting and voice recognition. Who doesn’t think doctors have the worst handwriting?
  3. A faster boot times, shorter sleep and resume times, and better memory. Can’t say that is special to health care but it helps them too.
  4. This OS does not require upgrading systems it will run on lower minimum hardware specification. What CIO doesn’t love that?
  5. Windows 7 is also greener. Platform and processor efficiencies reduce power consumption and help to lower energy costs. The OS contains diagnostic tools to help IT staff better handle power management issues on computers and extend the battery life of portable computers. Who can argue with that?