eHealth Initiative’s 2014 Annual Conference

J. Bordenick2014: A Year for Real Healthcare Transformation

By Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Initiative

2014 represents a transformative year for healthcare in the United States. As of January 1st, key components of the Affordable Care Act are now in effect that require everyone to have health insurance coverage, and ensure that anyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, is able to buy health insurance. Pioneering organizations are developing, piloting, adopting and advancing innovative practices to lead the industry to higher quality, better outcomes and lower costs. Digital and wearable technologies are encouraging consumers to take accountability for and control of their own health and wellness. New stakeholders are entering the healthcare marketplace to provide clinical services to individuals and communities in convenient retail settings. Tech start-ups are flourishing as they invent mobile health apps and other technology products to improve consumers’ ability to manage conditions and communicate with their peers and providers. Advancements in genomics and personalized medicine are allowing for improved clinical decision support and outcomes. Technology solutions are being implemented to enhance interoperability between disparate information systems, and contribute to the goals of value-based delivery models, including Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes. These exciting innovations are making a significant impact on the industry, and I am hopeful that as a result, we will see a transformation across the industry in 2014 to more consumer-centric and value-driven healthcare.

On January 28-29, eHealth Initiative is holding its 2014 Annual Conference at the Omni Championsgate in Orlando, FL. The theme of this year’s conference is The Roadmap to Healthcare Delivery Transformation.  The conference will bring together leaders from key stakeholder groups, including providers, pharmaceuticals, vendors, clinicians, policymakers, labs, and consumers to discuss the future of healthcare and the innovation needed to navigate the road to healthcare delivery transformation. The event will highlight some of the most innovative best practices in healthcare today, and address where information and new economic and care delivery models meet the patient of tomorrow.

As we approach the fourth anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, I encourage you all to join us in Orlando, FL, to discuss the exciting innovations being developed and implemented across the industry in 2014, and to engage with experts to gain a better sense of the impact of new technology and innovation.

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando, and cheers to 2014!

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About eHealth Initiative
The eHealth Initiative (eHI) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit affiliated organization. Its mission is to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare through information and information technology.

Its vision is that consumers, health care providers, and those responsible for population health will have ready access to timely, relevant, reliable and secure information and services through an interconnected, electronic health information infrastructure to support better health and healthcare.