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NursesNow Roundup April 2020: Special Edition

May is National Nurses Month! We’d like to extend a big thank you to all of the nurses who took a moment during this intense time to answer our questions. Nurses are working around the clock as they combat the coronavirus pandemic. Hear from a few nurses on the front lines answering some most frequently asked questions in response to this global problem. Additionally, check out these messages, playlists and freebies to celebrate and honor nurses around the globe from HealthcareNOW Radio’s Friday Five.

To Listen

We have compiled a playlist from all our shows and podcasts on our network that discuss the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Products and Technology

MobileSmith Health Unveils PeriOp Patient Adherence App to Support Hospitals During the Post COVID-19 Surge
MobileSmith Health (@TheMobileSmith), a company in the digital health and mobile development sector, announced the launch of the PeriOp Patient Adherence mobile app to support hospitals and health systems as they face the current surge in critical and elective surgeries.

Google and HCA announce the National Response Portal for Tracking Disease Hot Spots (Updated)
MEDITECH’s (@MEDITECH) cloud partner, Google, along with SADA Systems, Inc. has created the National Response Portal – an open data platform to track disease hot spots at a county and state level. MEDITECH’s long term partner HCA Healthcare is a sponsor of this effort to safely share and display daily aggregated COVID-19 metrics from data submitted by providers and other healthcare systems.

hc1 and Airside Partner to Add CV19 Digital ID Capability to hc1 Workforce Advisor™
hc1 (@hc1dotcom) and Airside have partnered to deliver an integrated mobile CV19 Digital ID to hc1 Workforce Advisor™, a cloud-based solution that enables employers to systematically implement and track guidelines that support the ongoing health and safety of employees returning to the workplace.

News and Noted

VisualDx Selects Aria Marketing as Agency of Record to Drive Awareness of Solutions Suite, Thought Leadership
Aria Marketing (@ariamarketing), a healthcare public relations and marketing communications agency, announced it was selected as the agency of record by VisualDx (@VisualDx), a diagnostic clinical decision support system used by over 2,300 hospitals, health clinics, and medical schools worldwide. Since April, Aria has launched a robust communications strategy to raise awareness of the role VisualDx’s solutions play in the COVID-19 response, as well as kicked off a PR effort to promote the company’s mission and the thought leadership of CEO and Founder Art Papier, MD.

California Hospitals Face $16.7 Billion in COVID-19 Related Losses
California hospitals are facing a likely $16.7 billion net loss in revenues by April 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new data analysis prepared by Kaufman Hall (@KaufmanHall) shows.

Coverys Announces Investment in Clinical Decision Support System VisualDx
Coverys (@coverys), a provider of medical professional liability insurance, announced a strategic investment made by ProMutual Group, Inc. in Logical Images, Inc., d/b/a VisualDx (@visualdx). VisualDx is a healthcare informatics company with point-of-care products proven to enhance diagnosis, testing and therapy.

ELLKAY Is Aiding Increased COVID-19 Testing By Providing Rapid Interface Deployment To Support Electronic Testing, Resulting And State Reporting
Over 1.6 million COVID-19 test results were processed in April 2020 through ELLKAY’s technology platforms. ELLKAY (@TeamELLKAY), an interoperability company, has stepped up to support laboratories through its LKCOVID-19 Platform, which provides increased connectivity with rapid deployment of COVID-19 testing, results, and state reporting.

Latest on COVID-19 in MN: 1,115 deaths; hospitalizations, ICU cases down
Minnesota Public Radio News reports that Minnesota’s COVID-19 toll continued its steady climb, reaching 1,115 deaths on Thursday, 29 more than the prior day. However, the number of people currently hospitalized and needing intensive care both fell. Current hospitalizations were at 512, down 25 from Wednesday while the number of intensive care patients fell by 10, to 244.

BioIQ Expands Return-to-Office Support Ecosystem to Help Employers Navigate COVID-19 Testing, Legal, and Workspace Considerations
BioIQ (@BioIQ), a healthcare engagement and clinical adherence technology platform company, has partnered with Cresa and Ogletree Deakins to help employers navigate the many practical and legal issues to consider when crafting a workplace COVID-19 testing and return-to-work strategy. The BioIQ return-to-work ecosystem is designed to move employers up the learning curve quickly and expedite efforts to reopen the US economy.

Vaccine Update

Down the Rabbit Hole with Roberta – Quest for a Vaccine
Who, when, and how are the questions when it comes to the vaccine for COVID-19. Is the vaccine the only answer to really fully open the economy? Who are the companies trying to create the vaccine? When might we see a vaccine? And once their is a viable one, how will we manufacture and inoculate 328 million people? And that is just the US, this is a global pandemic. Find out where the rabbit hole took our own Roberta Mullin this week and in case you missed them check out Roberta’s past rabbit holes.

COVID-19 Vaccine Researchers Mindful of Immune Enhancement
The Scientist reports there is no evidence that any of the coronavirus vaccines in development worsen a coronavirus infection rather than confer immunity to it, but the phenomenon is something scientists are closely monitoring.

World leaders must fund a Covid-19 vaccine plan before it’s too late for millions
The Guardian reports this week, the UK government will convene key partners and countries from around the world at the Global Vaccine Summit. This gathering represents a critical moment to advance collective solutions for Covid-19-related vaccines and to redouble collective commitment and resources to the essential work of routine immunisation for other preventable diseases.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledges $1.6 billion to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to protect the next generation with lifesaving vaccines
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation) announced a five-year, US$1.6 billion commitment to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to deliver lifesaving vaccines to the world’s poorest countries. The commitment was announced at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020, hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom.

Oxford, AstraZeneca Covid-19 deal reinforces ‘vaccine sovereignty.’ We need a people’s vaccine instead
A STAT opinion piece delves into the topic of ‘vaccine sovereignty.’

A coronavirus vaccine could require you to get two shots. Here’s why.
USA Today reports that a vaccine against the coronavirus may not be as simple as one jab and you’re immune. There’s a high likelihood an eventual vaccine will require a two-dose series, a month or so apart, with the possibility of a booster several years later, adding to the complexity and cost of administration and distribution.


Roche Covid-19 diagnostic test gets FDA OK
According to Market Watch, Roche Holding AG said Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an emergency use authorization for its Elecsys IL-6 test, which helps identify severe inflammatory response in patients with confirmed Covid-19.

Your boss wants you to take a Covid-19 test and track your symptoms. There’s software for that
According to STAT, as more employers reopen their offices, stores, and warehouses, a growing number of health tech companies are pitching smartphone apps and other tools to help them bring employees back to work safely in the Covid-19 era.

To Read

Updox Survey Reports 42 Percent of Americans Now Using Telehealth – Convenience (51%) and Speaking with Provider of Choice (49%) are Top Consumer Demands Post COVID-19
After The World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic, U.S. healthcare providers nationwide began implementing telehealth solutions in order to continue seeing patients despite lockdowns and stay at home orders. According to a new survey from Updox (@updox), the place for virtual care and complete healthcare communications, conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18+, nearly half of Americans (42%) have reported using telehealth services since the pandemic first began. The survey shines light on consumer preferences of telehealth both now and post-COVID.

Telehealth for the New Normal
Qure4u (@Qure4u) offers an infographic, Telehealth for the New Normal ,with tips to evaluate vendors as COVID-19 changes practice operations.

Thousands Who Got COVID-19 in March Are Still Sick
The Atlantic tells the story of Vonny LeClerc and others, who say they have been wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms for at least a month, if not two or three. Some call themselves “long-termers” or “long-haulers.”

Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19
The New York Times reports that geneticists have turned up intriguing links between DNA and the disease. Patients with Type A blood, for example, seem to be at greater risk.

Coronavirus updates: George Floyd tested positive for COVID-19, autopsy shows
ABC News reports the latest updates on the coronavirus.

White House Coronavirus Testing Czar To Stand Down
The Trump administration’s testing czar announced Monday that he will be leaving that position in mid-June.


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COVID-19 Resources
HealthcareNOW Radio rounded up some health IT resources being offered by companies to help healthcare professionals, American citizens and all of those affected in the fight against the coronavirus.

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