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We’ve rounded up some of the latest news and announcements pertaining to the coronavirus and the healthcare industry.

Products and Technology

Arcadia Prepares Healthcare Organizations For COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach: ‘The Single Greatest Patient Engagement Challenge Of Our Lives’
Arcadia (@ArcadiaHealthIT), a population health management and healthcare intelligence platform company, announced the launch of tools to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts across its national customer base.

Intrepid Protect, American PPE Manufacturer, Launches American-Made Mask Subscription Service to Help Local Businesses Meet “100 Day Mask Mandate”
Intrepid Protect® (@IntrepidProPPE), an American manufacturing facility for healthcare equipment, launched a line of single-use face masks manufactured exclusively in America to help slow the spread of Covid-19 while bolstering the U.S. economy. Created locally for local businesses and families, the personal protective equipment (PPE) helps Americans commit to 100 days of wearing masks in part of Biden’s 100 Day Mask Mandate with an easy and convenient subscription service.

Technology Transforms Maternity Campus into North Carolina’s First COVID-19 Only Hospital
Within 28 days, Cone Health (@conehealth) transformed its former women’s health campus into a designated COVID-19 hospital. Using teamwork and technology, the Cone Health Green Valley campus in Greensboro, North Carolina became the area’s first specialized COVID-19 hospital, boasting the latest development in coronavirus care, negative pressure ventilation, and hands-free communication throughout the facility.

Tamarin Creates First Platform to Connect with COVID Service Providers
Tamarin (@tamarinhealth) announces the launch of the only highly-curated network of providers trained in COVID protocols. The Gather Safely™ COVID Service Network (“Network”) makes it easy to connect with clinicians, compliance officers, and public health professionals who provide COVID safety, testing, and protocol services.

eTrueNorth Leverages Its Technology Platform to Enable COVID-19 Vaccines at Retail Pharmacies
eTrueNorth is now empowering retail pharmacies to offer COVID-19 vaccines increasing access for all Americans. The company is utilizing its proven technology platform that has successfully enabled COVID-19 testing at more than 1,450 sites across the country.

Kyruus Enables Online Scheduling for COVID-19 Vaccine Visits and Facilitates More Than 100,000 Appointments in the First Month
Kyruus (@kyruus), a company offering provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, announced that it has expanded its patient access platform to enable customers to offer online consumer scheduling for COVID-19 vaccine visits. The vaccine scheduling capabilities are available within the company’s award-winning online scheduling solution. Almost 10 health systems have already activated vaccine scheduling with Kyruus, cumulatively booking more than 100,000 appointments in the first month alone.

News and Noted

Mozzaz Offers Free Digital Solution for COVID-19 Patient Management and Vaccine Scheduling to Healthcare Organizations across the US and Canada
Mozzaz (@mozzaz), a virtual care technology organization, announced a free digital solution for COVID-19 patient management and vaccine scheduling. As cases surge and vaccines become available, this free application will help organizations track patient symptoms and vital signs remotely, schedule vaccines, provide educational content, and more. The digital solution is now available for any interested organization.

CDC has found more than 50 US cases of coronavirus variant first identified in UK
CNN reports that at least 52 cases of a coronavirus variant first identified in the UK have been found in the United States, according to data posted Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden will release nearly all available vaccine doses in break from Trump administration policy of holding back stock for second dose
CNN reports that President-elect Joe Biden will aim to release nearly every available dose of the coronavirus vaccine when he takes office, a break with the Trump administration’s strategy of holding back half of US vaccine production to ensure second doses are available.

U.S. CDC says priority COVID-19 vaccination groups may overlap
Reuters reports that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said phases of vaccinating priority groups against COVID-19 may overlap, clarifying guidance that many states are already applying as a way to get shots to as many Americans as possible.

Here’s what’s in Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue package
Bigger stimulus checks. More aid for the unemployed, the hungry and those facing eviction. Additional support for small businesses, states and local governments. Increased funding for vaccinations and testing. These are key parts of a $1.9 trillion proposal that President-elect Joe Biden unveiled Thursday evening reports CNN.

Surveys and Reports

Study reveals brain damage of patients with COVID-19
Tech Explorist (@TechExplorist) reports that in a new study, scientists from the National Institutes of Health conducted in-depth brain scans of COVID-19 patients. They spotted hallmarks of damage caused by thinning and leaky brain blood vessels in tissue samples from patients who died shortly after contracting the disease.

Study: Symptom-free infected people cause at least half of COVID-19 spread
UPI (@upi) reports that at least half of COVID-19 transmission globally may have been caused by symptom-free infected people unknowingly spreading the virus to others, a study published Thursday by JAMA Network Open found.

Updox Survey: Healthcare Providers Viewed as #1 Most Trusted Source for COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Updox (@updox), a complete healthcare communication platform for in-person and virtual care, announced the results of a new study designed to better understand the public’s view on the COVID-19 vaccine. The survey underscores the strong need for more frequent communications between healthcare providers and patients and demonstrates the critical role technology plays in ensuring an effective vaccine rollout, with information such as vaccine education, eligibility and scheduling. The survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Updox among 2,057 U.S. adults aged 18+.

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To Read

Covid-19: Five ways to stay positive through lockdown from BBC – The last few months have been awful for so many people, with millions dealing with grief, stress, financial difficulties, job losses and isolation caused by the pandemic. Experts say there are things that many of us can do to give ourselves a lift. Here are some of their tips.

COVID-19 health risk by underlying condition and age: what the latest data says from the Cotiviti Blog- After considering the publicly available data on infection rates and the well-researched effects of comorbid conditions on mortality rates, we shifted our attention to the middle of the clinical progression path, including ambulatory, emergency, and inpatient care. These areas provide the best actionable insights to understand and prevent clinical progression toward death. To study this area, we looked to understand which groups were more likely to not just be infected, but also require some form of medical attention after infection.

Six Months Later, Most Wuhan COVID Survivors Still Have Health Issues from HealthDay News (@healthday) – Concerns about “long-haul” symptoms in COVID-19 survivors may be reignited by a new study: It finds that 3 out of 4 patients from Wuhan, China — where the pandemic originated — were still suffering at least one lingering health problem six months later.


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