CMS Specialist talks about Proposed Stage 2 Meaningful Use

NPRM for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Robert Anthony is a CMS specialist. He is responsible for communication and regulations in the Office of eHealth Standards and Services implementing many aspects of healthcare reform as they specifically relate to electronic initiatives. We got to spend 45 minutes with him this week on MU Live! and speak about the newly released notices for stage 2 meaningful use. Here are some of my take aways.

  • Remember that the notices released are proposals for how Stage 2 meaningful use will work. The requirements will not be for sure until the final rule is written and released. We are officially in the 60-day public comment period. Don’t expect the final rule until late summer.
  • Proposed in stage 2 are core and menu objectives with exclusions retaining the same structure as stage 1 meaningful use.
  • Patient portals, interaction, online access, and patient actions are new to stage 2. Moving to Online access of health care records for patients with additional measures of a percentage of patients must access the health information online. Additional objective of patients sending secure message to their provider.
  • Clinical Quality Measures are not a specific objectives in the stage 2 proposal but they are still a part of meaningful use. The focus will be on reporting this stage. There are different ways to report through existing CMS programs as well as a proposed pilot reporting program.
  • No matter when you begin the program, your first year will be reporting 90 days of stage 1 meaningful use and your second year will be reporting the full year of stage 1 MU.
  • We will see audits but no date to announce. They are already doing some pre-audit checks. It is advised whatever information you have used in attestation you save for six years.

To hear the entire conversation with Rob, tune in to for the rebroadcasts. This weekend you can catch the show at the top of the even hours Eastern Time (8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, etc.).

For more information from CMS on the the NPRM, register and participate in Monday’s National Provider Call.

Overview and Listening Session: Stage 2 Requirements for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs
Monday, March 12, 2012
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM ET