CMS: Beyond the Policy

CMS now produces a new podcast, “CMS: Beyond the Policy,”. It will highlight updates and changes to policies and programs in an easily accessible and conversational format. The podcast was created as a new method to explain the agency’s policies and programs. The podcast demonstrates CMS commitment to transparency and outreach by presenting CMS-related policies, updates, and innovations on as many platforms as possible. It is also a direct response to stakeholder suggestions that a podcast would be a modern, user-friendly way to stay informed about the Agency.

Episode 4: A Throwback to the 2019 HIMSS Conference

Host: Bill Polglase
Guest(s): Attendees of the 2019 HIMSS Conference

This edition of the podcast highlights some of the key perspectives from attendees at the 2019 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, or HIMSS, Annual Conference. At this year’s conference, Administrator Seema Verma gave two keynote presentations on the agency’s vision for the future and its focus on interoperability.