Health IT Security and Compliance

What Is MFA….and Do I Need It?

By Art Gross – Multi-Factor Authentication, or as it has become commonly known, MFA, is the practice of “doubling down” on your login security. You are using Multiple (more than one) Factors (ways or methods) to Authenticate (verify) your identity when you access an account.

COVID Waivers: Preparing for the End

By Matt Fisher – How many people remember how healthcare fully operated prior to the onset of the COVID-19 driven pandemic? The question is only somewhat facetious as the delivery of care and running of organizations along with so many other components of the healthcare industry have changed to a large degree.

How to Handle HIPAA and Email

By Art Gross – It’s fast and easy, and you can often work more efficiently with an email exchange than if you must make phone calls or schedule appointments to discuss patient care. But where does that exchange fall when it comes to HIPAA compliance?

Power in Data: Value Against Privacy

By Matt Fisher – Data are the new currency. That saying has become entrenched as a primary cliche describing the way of the world nowadays. The value of data has become especially true in healthcare. So many see opportunities to be extracted, but what about considerations of privacy and the impact on individuals?