Articles by Sarianne Gruber

eCaring: An Essential Tool for Value Based Digital Care Management Part II

A “value-based digital health” reimbursement model as a plausible payment solution for new technology appeared in the 2016 McKinsey Report How Healthcare Systems Can Become Digital-Health Leaders by Gerardo Aue. The concept advocates that since health systems hold the data needed to measure outcomes, why not use this information to measure the outcomes of digital health services?

eCaring:  Bending the Cost Curve with Big Data for Home-Based Patients

By Sarianne Gruber – “There are a lot of tech savvy people making apps for tech-savvy people. It’s a wonderful world that we live in with the ability to do that but we are not going to bend the cost curve in the United States by providing an app for an otherwise healthy forty-year-old person with diabetes or for the sixty-year-old that has a heart condition who is out on the golf course.