Allazo Health wins at Strata Rx Start-up Showcase

Strata Rx Conference Selects Start-up Showcase Winners

The Strata Rx conference is a meeting of the leading minds in healthcare big data innovation. Twelve finalists, who had previously been selected in a nationwide competition of big data healthcare companies, presented at StrataRx in the culmination of the “Start-up Showcase” competition. Allazo was a double winner, being selected as one of three winning companies by the judges and also receiving the “Audience Choice” award.

Allazo Health’s CEO, Clifford Jones, demonstrated how the AllazoEngine™ uses patient data and predictive analytics to forecast medication adherence within a given population and determine the best individualized interventions to improve medication adherence among patients who are predicted to be non-adherent.

Upon receipt of the award, Jones stated, “We’d like to thank O’Reilly, the judges, and the attendees of Strata Rx. We are appreciative of the recognition of our company’s accomplishments using big data and novel analytics approaches to both forecast and influence patient behavior, specifically medication adherence.”

Allazo’s clients, including health insurers, pharmacy benefit management companies, and accountable care organizations, benefit from improved patient medication adherence. When patients take their medications as prescribed, patient health improves and more expensive care, such as readmissions, are avoided, decreasing overall health care costs. In addition, improved medication adherence increases HEDIS scores and Medicare star ratings.

About Allazo Health:

Allazo Health is an analytics firm that provides medication adherence solutions and services. Allazo Health analyzes patient data to forecast patients’ adherence to each of their medications and identify the most effective intervention strategies for individual patients. More information about Allazo Health can be found at
About StrataRx:

Strata Rx is a unique forum bringing together the diverse communities driving innovations in big data analytics for healthcare. It focuses on using big data to drive innovations in analytics for healthcare – including advances in personalized and predictive medicine; significant cost savings; and research that points to entirely new products and markets.