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Our monthly report on AI, ML, DL, and NLP in healthcare looks at who, what, where, and how the use of artificial intelligence is changing healthcare for the better. We will bring you some of the latest news and product information along with thought leader posts and our AI playlist of episodes from Healthcare NOW Radio.

In the News

iCAD and Google Health Ink Strategic Development and Commercialization Agreement
iCAD, Inc. (@icadmed), a global medical technology company providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions, announced a strategic development and commercialization agreement with Google Health (@GoogleHealth) to integrate its artificial intelligence (AI) technology into iCAD’s portfolio of breast imaging AI solutions. Marking the first commercial partnership Google Health has entered into to introduce its breast imaging AI into clinical practice, the companies will work together to enhance iCAD’s market-leading breast cancer AI solutions for mammography and expand access to the technology to millions of women and providers worldwide. iCAD will also leverage Google Cloud’s secure, scalable infrastructure, accelerating the time to market for iCAD’s cloud-hosted offerings.

MindCare Partners with ThinkAndor® to Provide AI-Enabled Virtual Care to Combat Nationwide Mental Health Crisis
MindCare Solutions Group (@MindCareSol), one of the nation’s providers of telepsychiatry and behavioral health services, has partnered with Andor Health (@andor_health) and the ThinkAndor® Platform, an AI-Enabled Virtual Care platform, that gives world-renowned healthcare organizations a better way to connect and collaborate.

K Health Platform Now Addressing Weight Loss to Help Prevent and Manage Multiple Chronic Conditions
Clinical healthcare company K Health (@khealth) announced that the remote Primary Care program available on its platform now includes online medical weight management to treat obesity and help prevent related chronic conditions like hypertension and type 2 diabetes. K Health has partnered with leaders in the healthcare space to tackle chronic disease, most recently through its collaboration with Mayo Clinic Platform on the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) predictive model that uses Mayo Clinic data to help doctors optimize hypertension treatment. Its expansion into medical weight management is its next step in creating a first-in-kind Primary Care comprehensive solution to improve health in the U.S. and give millions access to high-quality, affordable doctors and care.

Risas Dental and Braces Taps Pearl to Bring AI-Enhanced Dental Care to Patients Across Southwestern US
Pearl (@hello_pearl), a global company in dental AI solutions, and Risas Dental and Braces (@RisasDental), a dental healthcare group committed to providing high quality and accessible dental care to all, announced a partnership to implement Pearl’s Second Opinion® and Practice Intelligence® solutions in Risas’ 27 practice locations across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas. The partnership will equip Risas’ practices and providers with Pearl’s suite of FDA-cleared comprehensive pathology detection AI software aimed at elevating the standard of patient care through improved precision and diagnostic consistency.

K&B Underwriters and VirtuSense Technologies Partner for Predictive Technology in Post-Acute Care
K&B Underwriters and VirtuSense Technologies (@VirtuSense) have partnered to offer a win-win scenario for post-acute organizations and their residents. On September 1, 2022, K&B Underwriters launched their new CareAgents program for post-acute healthcare organizations. This program can provide a lower annual insurance premium with the continued use of VirtuSense technology onsite, showing unprecedented trust in AI technology to prevent falls and reduce insurance claims. With this unique program, organizations can leverage VirtuSense’s predictive AI technology to lower insurance costs, improve their safety and quality metrics, and protect their residents without increasing staffing.


Cleerly Partners with Heartbeat Health in New Heart Disease Detection Program
Cleerly (@cleerly_inc), the company creating a new standard of care for heart disease, and Heartbeat Health (@heartbeat), the nation’s largest virtual-first cardiovascular company, announced a partnership to use precision heart health to more accurately determine cardiovascular risk and deliver better heart care. Cleerly’s AI-enabled approach for evaluating coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) allows physicians to more easily identify, characterize and quantify atherosclerosis (plaque) buildup in the walls of heart arteries. Partners with Illuminate to Improve Quality of Care for Aortic Aneurysm Patients (@viz_ai), a company in AI-powered disease detection and intelligent care coordination, announced a partnership with Illuminate, Inc. (@go_illuminate), an industry company in the development of proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and AI software that discovers at-risk patients from electronic medical records (EMR), assesses disease severity, and facilitates follow-up surveillance for a variety of diseases. This partnership will enable healthcare providers to make timely, critical decisions for aortic aneurysm patients while improving compliance with pre- and post-surgical surveillance programs.

To Read

The Algorithmically Underserved Need Our Attention – By John Halamka, M.D., Nigam Shah, M.B.B.S., Suchi Saria, Ph.D., & Paul Cerrato, Mayo Clinic Platform (@MayoPlatform) – There are many underserved populations in the health care ecosystem, groups who for one reason or another have been ignored or marginalized by providers: persons of color come to mind, as do women, LGBTQIA+ patients, and those in lower socioeconomic groups. One group that is rarely included in the list, however, are the algorithmically underserved. These are patients who fall between the cracks when developers and data scientists construct the digital models intended to provide accurate, unbiased medical care. They fall into three primary “buckets”.

Cover Unstaffed Hours with AI During the Nursing Shortage – By Madison Schwindenhammer, VirtuSense (@VirtuSense)- The undeniable–and damaging–nursing shortage across the healthcare industry is leaving providers wondering one blaring question: “Is there an end in sight?” According to an AHCA/NCAL survey in 2021, 86 percent of nursing homes and 77 percent of assisted living providers said their workforce declined in a matter of months over the pandemic. The stigma now surrounding nursing jobs during the height of COVID-19 has had long-term effects and will likely only be remedied with time. So how do we get to a place of change? The question shouldn’t be “How can we recruit more workers to pursue nursing again?” but rather “What can we do to make nursing the gratifying career it used to be?”

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