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Our monthly report on AI, ML, DL, and NLP in healthcare looks at who, what, where, and how the use of artificial intelligence is changing healthcare for the better. We will bring you some of the latest news and product information along with thought leader posts and our AI playlist of episodes from Healthcare NOW Radio.

In the News

Value-Based Healthcare Platform Identifies Individuals at Risk for Diabetes With Over 80% Accuracy
Cedar Gate Technologies (Cedar Gate) (@CedarGateTech) identified individuals at risk for diabetes with over 80% accuracy across 1.2 million members within a 12-month timeframe. Leveraging its proprietary AI model, Cedar Gate’s findings represent the first commercially available and deployed value-based care platform with this level of accuracy, enabling preventive interventions at scale.

mPulse Mobile and AltaMed Research Innovative Approach to Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screenings
mPulse Mobile (@mPulseMobile), a conversational AI and digital engagement solutions company, partnered with AltaMed Health Services (@AltaMedHealthS), one of the largest nonprofit federally qualified health centers (FQHC) in the U.S., to publish a research study in JMIR Cancer. The study found that automated, bidirectional texting using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and fotonovelas can increase screenings for colorectal cancer, particularly among populations facing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) barriers.

eClinicalWorks Brings ChatGPT and AI Models into EHR and Practice Management Solution
eClinicalWorks® (@eClinicalWorks), the largest ambulatory cloud EHR, announced it is advancing its intelligent cloud technology with the power of AI — keeping usability, security, and patient safety the top priority. eClinicalWorks recently committed $100 million to Microsoft Azure cloud services. This significant investment gives eClinicalWorks access to the latest innovations available with Microsoft Cloud. Now, eClinicalWorks is integrating its EHR and Practice Management solutions with ChatGPT, cognitive services, and machine learning models from Azure OpenAI Service to enhance its technology offerings.

LeanTaaS and Siemens Healthineers Announce Strategic Relationship to Optimize Hospital Operational Performance
LeanTaaS, Inc. (@LeanTaaS), a company that is providing AI-powered and SaaS-based capacity management, staffing, and patient flow software for health systems, announced a new strategic relationship with Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company. Under the terms of the agreement, this relationship will help enable large hospitals and health systems within the Siemens Healthineers network drive outcomes, including improved patient access, physician and staffing satisfaction, and financial performance. The Siemens Healthineers network can now deploy system-wide tools designed to optimize capacity supported by the powerful combination of LeanTaaS’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) -based predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions and the enterprise-wide management expertise from Siemens Healthineers.

ProFound AI Risk Outperforms Traditional, Widely-Accepted Breast Cancer Risk Models for Both Short-term and Long-term Risk Assessments
iCAD, Inc. (@icadmed), a global medical technology company providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions, announced new clinical evidence published in the Journalof Clinical Oncology found ProFound AI® Risk for 2D Mammography is more accurate than Tyrer-Cuzick v8, a commonly used lifestyle risk model, for both short-term and long-term risk assessments.


Caregility Unveils Multiple AI-Enhanced Hybrid Care Solutions that Harness the Power of Caregility Cloud™ Telehealth Platform
Caregility (@caregility), an enterprise telehealth company dedicated to connecting care for patients and clinicians everywhere, announced a new portfolio of AI-enhanced hybrid care solutions built on Caregility Cloud™, its Best in KLAS virtual care platform (non-EMR). The enhancements reduce technology investment risks for hospitals and health systems by offering the flexibility to choose those health AI applications that are the best fit for their environment and needs without creating more IT silos that could hamper workflow and congest networks.

OM1 Unveils Patented, AI-powered Platform to Accelerate Personalized Medicine
OM1 (@Om1Inc), a real-world data, outcomes and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, launched PhenOM™, its artificial intelligence-powered platform for personalized medicine. Calibrated using OM1’s longitudinal health history datasets, PhenOM uses AI to identify unique digital phenotypes associated with conditions and outcomes and compare patients’ records to them to highlight risks and opportunities. PhenOM powers personalized healthcare insights at scale across the entire healthcare ecosystem, from life science research to point-of-care clinical decision making.

Certis Oncology Solutions Launches Predictive Analytics Platform
Certis Oncology Solutions (@CertisOncology), a precision oncology and translational science company focused on combining functional assays and artificial intelligence to advance personalized medicine, announced the launch of CertisAI™, a new predictive medicine platform that utilizes big data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to predict drug efficacy based on gene expression biomarkers. This pan-cancer solution can accelerate drug discovery and companion diagnostics development.

Suki Adds Ambient Documentation Capabilities to its EHR Integrated, AI Voice Assistant for Clinicians
Suki (@SukiHQ), a company in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, announced Suki Assistant Gen 2, which adds the revolutionary capability to automatically generate notes from listening to a clinician-patient conversation. Called ambient note generation, this new feature will be added to the company’s flagship AI voice assistant. Suki Assistant Gen 2 is differentiated in the market by a comprehensive set of capabilities, including ambient note generation, dictation and command functionality, all within a single, affordable, scalable solution that fully integrates with commonly used EHR systems including Epic, Cerner, Athena, and Elation.

Ontrak Health Will Bring MyndYou’s AI-Powered, Active Listening Virtual Care Assistant to Its Behavioral Health Members
Ontrak, Inc. (@OntrakHealth), an AI-powered and telehealth-enabled health care company, and MyndYou, creators of an AI-powered Virtual Care Coordinator, jointly announced that Ontrak Health will use MyndYou’s MyEleanor, an AI-powered conversational platform, to engage with members, triage needs, and address issues pertaining to behavioral, medical, or social care needs.

To Read

Paving the Road to AI Excellency – By John Halamka, M.D. & Paul Cerrato, Mayo Clinic Platform (@MayoPlatform) – When biomedical journals first began publishing research on AI-enabled algorithms, many observers were enthusiastic about their potential value in improving patient outcomes and easing clinicians’ burdens. Much of that enthusiasm has taken a backseat as we gradually realized that replacing clinicians’ diagnostic skills—or even augmenting them—was not as simple as we once thought. As stakeholders took a closer look “behind the curtain” to examine the composition of the data sets and the modeling techniques to create the algorithms, they realized that, in many cases, they were looking at smoke and mirrors, not sound, unbiased scientific evidence.

CHAI Unveils Blueprint for Trustworthy AI in Healthcare
The Coalition for Health AI (CHAI) released its highly anticipated “Blueprint for Trustworthy AI Implementation Guidance and Assurance for Healthcare” (Blueprint). The Blueprint addresses the quickly evolving landscape of health AI tools by outlining specific recommendations to increase trustworthiness within the healthcare community, ensure high-quality care, and meet healthcare needs. The 24-page guide reflects a unified effort among subject matter experts from leading academic medical centers and the healthcare, technology, and other industry sectors, who collaborated under the observation of several federal agencies over the past year.

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