ABCs of VBC: CMS Value-Based Initiatives – A Current Review and Future Perspective

Answers Media Network (@HealthITAnswers) and Azara Healthcare (@azaraDRVS) series, The ABCs of VBC.

Industry expert David Smith, Founder and CEO of Third Horizon Strategies, provides an overview of CMS’s value-based initiatives with specific perspectives on the new administration’s Medicare/Medicaid philosophy, the rise of complex care management, and Medicaid Advanced Payment Models.

He also shares an update on the core CMS payment models including MIPS, ACOs, and BPCI, as well as the newly announced direct contracting initiative.

With his keen political awareness and relationships, David offers his predictive roadmap for these programs and other initiatives by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. Whether you are currently enrolled in one of these programs or considering participating, David’s insights will be invaluable as you plan for the future.

If you missed the event, watch the recording of the ABCs of VBC below.