2024 State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Now on-demand, AEHiS, DHI, and Answers Media Network’s second annual virtual summit addressing various critical aspects of cybersecurity from a government policy (current and future) and compliance angle. The opening keynote address was delivered by Dr. Christian Dameff, Medical Director of Cybersecurity, University of California San Diego. and the address was followed by 5 sessions that build on the 2023 summit.


Dr. Christian Dameff, M.D., M.S., FACEP
Medical Director of Cybersecurity
University of California San Diego

Dr. Christian Dameff M.D., M.S., FACEP is an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, Biomedical Informatics, and Computer Science at the University of California San Diego. He also co-directs the newly launched UCSD Center for Healthcare Cybersecurity. He is a practicing board certified Emergency Medicine physician and Clinical Informatician. At UC San Diego Health he was hired as the nation’s first Medical Director of Cybersecurity where he serves in a cybersecurity operational role defending the health enterprise from cyber threats. He is an internationally known expert and is among the top published researchers in the field of healthcare cybersecurity. He has testified before the US Congress and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on healthcare cybersecurity risks, including ransomware.

Session 1: Exploring New Healthcare Protections For Evolving Cyberattacks

2023 saw record highs for ransomware attacks, ransom payments and data breaches in the healthcare industry. As attacks evolve, many hospitals are beginning to recognize that their aging infrastructure and IT systems are not sufficient protections for the well-being of their patients, facilities and finances. Join Cynerio industry leaders Daniel Brodie, CTO and Security Evangilist Chad Holmes, along with Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation and Commercialization Officer at Advocate Health, as they discuss new trends in defending our healthcare ecosystem, examine successes related to these defenses, and provide achievable recommendations for healthcare IT teams in 2024.

  • Moderator: Chad Holmes, Security Evangelist, Cynerio
  • Panelists: Daniel Brodie, CTO, Cynerio; Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation and Commercialization Officer at Advocate Health

Session 2: Assuring a Secure and Engaging User Experience Leveraging AI

Delivering secure communications for healthcare workers and patients is a double-edged scalpel. Everyone wants to know their healthcare data is private enough that bad actors are unable to take it hostage, but such privacy can come at the expense of user experience, caused by an overflow of authentication protocols. 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for AI, with its rapid development projected to help organizations see gains in cybersecurity efficiency and user-friendliness. In this fireside chat, Frank Cutitta, Senior Strategist, CHIME’s Digital Health Insight, talks one-on-one with Tamer Baker, Chief Technology Officer at Zscaler to discuss the convergence of cybersecurity and AI-powered UX innovations.

Session 3: Beyond Zero Trust in Healthcare: Driving Collaborative Innovation in Increasingly Complex Enterprises

What do cybersecurity leaders have to look forward to in a Post-Zero Trust era? During this timely and lively discussion, visionaries from the healthcare and cybersecurity industry will explore the implications of breakthrough technologies including but not limited to AI that completely change the security landscape. Key elements of the session will include: building new enterprise security cultures; replicable case studies and hard lessons learned; new governance models driven by generative technologies that affect patient safety and their trust in healthcare providers and payers.

  • Moderator: Frank Cutitta, Senior Strategist, CHIME’s Digital Health Insights
  • Panelists: Vik Arosa, CISO, Cyber Point; Lesley Berkeyheiser, Security Expert and Strategist, DirectTrust; Tamer Baker, CTO, Zscaler

IoT & IoMT Cybersecurity Risk Quantification Expert Panel

HDOs face significant cybersecurity headwinds. What IT budgets HDOs have are often allocated to technology purchases rather than security, and even that spending has faced cuts in response to economic challenges. Besides the obvious outcome of an attack – that being data exfiltration – hospitals could experience an interruption in life-saving services. This expert panel will discuss the cost of IoT and IoMT security risks and strategies to secure the necessary funding. Topics include:

  • What is the number one objection you have heard from C-Suite when asking for a budget?
  • How do you see organizations quantify cybersecurity risk today?
  • What do you think organizations can do in the future to ask for a cybersecurity budget?
  • How to approach the topic of security and responsibility in Healthcare Technology Management?
    • Moderator: Frank Cutitta, Senior Strategist, CHIME’s Digital Health Insights
    • Panelists: Shankar Somasundaram, CEO and Founder, Asimily; Sahan Fernando, CISO, Rady Children’s Hospital and Health Center; Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory

Closing Remarks: Policy Updates from Washington by Mari Savickis, VP, Public Policy at CHIME