2023 Countdown for Most Played Episodes – #8

Our 2023 Countdown of top played episodes continue!

This year we are doubling down with sharing our Radio Shows and Podcast Shows in their own lists. With over 17K plays these episodes covered all trends and hot topics of 2023. Follow along through New Year’s Eve as we countdown and highlight 2023 top played episodes.

#8 on the Radio

Jim Carr and Luis Argueso – Understanding Value-Based Enterprises
Part of CMS’ journey in regulating coordinated care with providers, a value-based exception and safe harbor was enacted in early January 2021 under the Physician Self-Referral “Stark” law and Anti-kickback Statues. The new provision allows value-based enterprises eligible for safe harbor protections under the Stark and Anti-kickback statute. Host Daniel J. Marino is joined by Jim Carr and Luis Argueso, cofounders of InHealth Advisors, to discuss the framework of a Value Based Enterprise (VBE).

#8 on the Podcast Network

Democratizing Healthcare Data for Better Outcomes ft. Chris Pace
Having access to healthcare data can be a powerful tool in improving patient outcomes. But it’s all too common for data to remain siloed or unable to access for key departments such as marketing, service-line, medical groups, etc. With the right data, health systems can better personalize outreach to drive patients to the care they need most and improve the quality of care overall. Listen to Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health, and Alan Tam, Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health, as they discuss a health system’s digital front door, metrics that matter most, and modern patient activation strategies.

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