2020 SHIEC Virtual Conference Series Wrap

SHIEC 2020 Virtual Conference

Website: SHIEC 2020
Twitter: @SHIECLive
Hashtag: #SHIEC2020
Hashtag: #SHIEC20

On August 17 to September 15, 2020 this 10-day event over 5 weeks brought together the HIE community for their annual conference. The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) is the national collaborative representing health information exchanges (HIEs) and their strategic business and technology partners. Their mission is to:

  • Educate public and private entities regarding the benefits, functions and roles of HIEs
  • Promote business conditions, tools and legislation to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of HIEs
  • Achieve economies of scale while supporting members’ autonomy and ability to serve local needs

Thumbs up to SHIEC

For trying and doing a good job of giving us a different virtual experience than just a list of webinars to join in a few consecutive days. Spanning through the four weeks was less interruptive to our already disrupted work environments. And the personal touch of Kelly Thompson’s social media video’s that introduced us to the organization and the day’s agenda like this one on the final day. (Oh and happy belated birthday Kelly!)

A big thumbs up to J2 Interactive

They did a great job on keeping us up to date each week.

Another thumbs up to the Sponsors

They brought something different to the virtual experience.

Did you play Bingo with Verato?

Did you visit Clinical Architecture’s Virtual Booth?

Did you have coffee with ELLKAY?

Did you participate in the scavenger hunt?

And Finally, thumbs up to those who shared their thoughts on what they learned.