Webinar: Impact of TEFCA on the Secure Exchange of ePHI

Join us on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST for this webinar.

To improve interoperability and reduce administrative burden across the healthcare industry, the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), plans to release the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) as mandated by Congress in accordance with the 21st Century Cures Act.

On this J2 Global and Answers Media Network webinar event, presenters Lee Barrett, Executive Director of EHNAC, and Jeffrey Sullivan, the Chief Technology Officer for J2 Global, will discuss TEFCA’s impact across the healthcare ecosystem including:

  • Evaluate how federal programs and industry partnerships that offer resources to improve data security and privacy for healthcare organizations that exchange Protected Health Information.
  • How TEFCA improves organizational security by closing privacy gaps across networks and addressing vulnerabilities across HIPAA compliance, cyber protection and ransomware prevention.
  • Examine best practices for identity verification, authentication and privacy/security frameworks and the corresponding use cases to align with national efforts
  • Look at the impact of blockchain, cloud-based data storage and other enabling technologies in the continued development of the trust exchange framework, as well as their potential of reducing the cost and the friction of current intermediaries.
  • How TEFCA’s aim of increasing the efficiency of and access to healthcare data — while securing it from misuse — can lead to better care and lower costs for both healthcare providers and consumers.

Meet the speakers

Lee Barrett
Executive Director, The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission

Mr. Barrett works on key HIT industry initiatives that lay the foundation for health information technology – including support and implementation of important healthcare legislative mandates. He has been appointed by Dr. Donald Rucker, National Coordinator of the ONC to the Executive Steering Committee for the ONC’s Payer + Provider (P2) FHIR Task Force, is a member of the HHS Cybersecurity Task Force (405d), and Chair of the National Trust Network Data Sharing and Cybersecurity Task Group. He has served as chairman of WEDI, and ASCX12N Insurance Subcommittee and currently serves on the eHi Leadership Council and DirectTrust Board and has been on many other industry boards. He speaks nationally regarding security, privacy, ransomware and cybersecurity risk management/assessment and mitigation strategies, tactics and best practices and is a continued go-to resource for industry media.

Jeff Sullivan
Chief Technology Officer, J2 Global

Jeffrey Sullivan has over 25 years of experience growing small- to mid-sized companies that fuel their success with the innovative use of technology. He has an uncommon background that melds deep technical, creative, and business experience with the proven ability to execute at both the strategic and tactical levels. This breadth of background and flexibility of focus are vital to success in entrepreneurial and high-growth businesses.

His past 15+ years have been spent as a C-level executive (CIO, COO, CTO) in fast-growth e-commerce companies in the real estate, financial services, SaaS, and ERP industries. A common thread throughout his entire professional career has been the entrepreneurial spirit present in every role from freelancer to multi-billion-dollar mortgage corporation.

Jeffrey is a passionate advocate of the use of technology to enable and drive growth, not as a cost center. He has continuously demonstrated the value of agility in today’s high-growth companies, where the ability to deliver value incrementally and to change priorities often is a major competitive edge.

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