HIPAA Compliance Audit: What to Expect

By Art Gross – “We’re being audited!” Those words strike fear and uncertainty in most of us – especially if you are in healthcare. But what actually happens in a HIPAA audit? Will a government official show up unannounced with a briefcase and ask for you to produce every bit of your business’s HIPAA documentation while sequestering your team in a conference room? Not quite.

Take Care in Healthcare Marketing

By Matt Fisher – The Office for Civil Rights recently provided new lessons when it comes to mixing healthcare marketing and HIPAA. In this case, marketing is being looked at broadly to include not just communications or interactions about an organization subject to HIPAA, but also limits on the use of patient information outside the bounds of the organization.

HIPAA’s Role in Setting Good Security

By Matt Fisher – The Office for Civil Rights is promoting HIPAA as being able to prevent or substantially mitigate the impacts of a cyber attack. It is a bold statement from OCR and one that bears unpacking. Why is OCR asserting that HIPAA can prevent or substantially mitigate a cyber attack?