Regulatory Developments: COVID19 Disruption

By Matt Fisher – The declaration of COVID19 as a pandemic and the United States declaring a national emergency to help contain and enhance treatment access have resulted in a number of changes to ease potential regulatory burdens or barriers in healthcare.

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Before Casting Stones, Check Own House

By Matt Fisher – The first HIPAA settlement of 2020 brings home a couple of key considerations for compliance. The first consideration is to be comfortable with one’s own level of adherence to HIPAA before filing a report (even a necessary one) that will inevitably result in an investigation.

Lost Laptop Leads to New Kind of Accident

By Art Gross – In Carroll County, Georgia, there was a vehicle accident of an unusual kind recently. It resulted in the Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights slapping a $65,000 fine on West Georgia Ambulance when they were found to have multiple violations of HIPAA rules.