Even a Pandemic Doesn’t Stop HIPAA

By Matt Fisher – Maintaining and protecting privacy for patients and healthcare information is important and necessary at all times. The requirement for keeping privacy applies no matter the circumstances, which can mean in the middle of a pandemic. The most recent HIPAA settlement announced by the Office for Civil Rights provides that reminder.

Drumbeat for Right of Access

By Matt Fisher – The drumbeat of settlements from the Office for Civil Rights around the individual right of access continues. The most recent settlement offers a different reminder than the previous settlements. This time, the settlement impacted a health insurance company.

Healthcare Security Violation

By Art Gross – A recent investigation by the OCR alleges that several security guards from Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital impermissibly accessed the medical records of 419 individuals. This incident highlights the importance of maintaining strict protocols and vigilant oversight.

Control Access to Patient Info

By Matt Fisher – Snooping into medical records is a long established privacy concern. It is one of the classic examples of how a data breach can occur because it trades on an individual’s natural curiosity that must be contained. Despite snooping being a widely known concern, it still occurs.

Don’t Post That

By Matt Fisher – Social media and healthcare can be a productive combination, but not when patient information is involved. The power and reach of social media are nothing new, nor is the concern about the ready ability to spread misinformation.

Understanding the OCR 90-Day Transition Period

By Art Gross – The Office for Civil Rights 90-day transition period commenced on May 12, 2023. As a HIPAA compliance company, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with regulatory changes. Let’s delve into the transition period and its significance, and provide guidance on how your organization can ensure seamless compliance in this evolving landscape.