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Staying Ahead of CMS Policy Changes – One Solution At A Time

By Abhinav Aggarwal – Payers and health organizations struggle to manage the sheer volume of encounter data submissions due to limited visibility into the encounter lifecycle. When an organization lacks visibility into the encounter management process, inaccuracies stemming from a sub-optimal claims process can manifest.

5 Developments in Cancer Treatment You Might Have Missed This Year

By Kayla Matthews – With so much COVID-19 news coverage, it’s easy to miss other relevant happenings in medicine, such as developments in cancer treatments. Besides making information potentially harder to access, the pandemic also introduced new hardships for people with cancer by complicating their access to care.

Join Us for a Virtual Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders on Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought industry-wide attention and sweeping legislative initiatives to telehealth as a means for care delivery in a safe, secure and socially-distant environment. On our second annual panel discussion, our all-star panel of industry leaders discuss where we sit today, still in the midst of a pandemic, and what the future holds for telehealth.

COVID-19 Report

We’ve rounded up some of the latest news and announcements pertaining to the coronavirus and the healthcare industry.

Driving the Decade of Data: Healthcare Trends 2020

By Rich Herrington & Mary Rose Avila – Over the past decade, a shift has occurred within the healthcare industry. Patients have become empowered as cultural changes, increasing care options, and policy adjustments enable populations to make informed decisions about their care.