Cyberattack Cost to Healthcare

By Art Gross – Bigger business, bigger problems, right? Not necessarily true when it comes to the cost of a cyberattack within the healthcare industry. A recently published survey brings unexpected results when it comes to comparing large and medium-sized businesses.

Wait, a Breach is HOW Much?

By Art Gross – Wolfe Eye Clinic is a healthcare provider located in Iowa. In business since 1919, they specialize in medical eye care and have 11 main eye care clinics across the state, and various other locations that offer treatments. In February of 2021, they were the target of a cyberattack when a third party attempted to gain unauthorized entry to the company’s computer network.

Too Many Threats, Too Often

By Matt Fisher – It used to be that almost a day could not go by without the report of a phishing attack. Now seemingly a day cannot go by without a ransomware attack being reported. While phishing may be a route in, it is not the only way to get past an organization’s defenses.

Head In the Sand Leads to HIPAA Fine

By Matt Fisher – Continuing a hot streak in the fall of 2020, the Office for Civil Rights announced another HIPAA settlement with a business associate on September 23, 2020. The $2,300,000 fine was imposed on a business associate following a months long cyberattack that resulted in the exfiltration of data for more than 6 million patients.

Black Book 2018 International Survey

Black Book™ Research surveyed 7,459 physicians, health administrators, technology managers and clinical leaders in ambulatory and inpatient settings across 23 foreign countries to help global stakeholders identify gaps, challenges and successes in healthcare IT adoption and records systems connectivity.