Sorting out AI, ML, DL, and NLP

The alphabet soup of acronyms in the world Artificial Intelligence. What are they? What do they mean? What is the difference between them? This is our ongoing reporting on AI and how it is being integrated into healthcare technology. We are seeking out the thought leaders and innovations that are moving the needle forward using artificial intelligence. Read more posts on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

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From The Incrementalist, host Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick talks about connecting the dots of healthcare data with Sita Kapoor, CIO and Chief Data Scientist for HealthEC. Data sharing is data caring and the possibility of high volume data processing and artificial intelligence to bring clinically actionable insights.

In the News

PhysIQ Saw Significant Adoption of Their AI Technology in 2020
PhysIQ, Inc. (@PhysIQ) will mark 2020 as a very important year-to-date for the leader in furthering acceptance and adoption of its digital medicine platform. Throughout the year, announcements of breakthrough studies and publications, important partnerships and collaborations, and an additional FDA clearance, were just a few of the notable accomplishments for this innovative company.’s Viz RECRUIT Software Enables Faster Medical Research (@viz_ai) has announced the launch of Viz RECRUIT, cutting edge software that uses artificial intelligence to accelerate clinical studies. Viz RECRUIT uses AI to automatically detect a suspected disease such as a brain hemorrhage, a tumor, or a cardiac structural abnormality, and uses that insight to ensure the right doctor is notified about the patient. This improves workflow and expedites enrollment in trials. Viz RECRUIT alerts research teams about potentially eligible trial patients across an entire health system and enables easy communication between clinical teams, research teams, principal investigators, and core labs to facilitate enrollment.

VirtualHealth Partners with Prealize on Data-Driven Care Management
Prealize Health (@PrealizeHealth), an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled predictive analytics company, announced a new partnership with VirtualHealth (@VirtualHealth_), provider of HELIOS®, the leading SaaS care management platform. The two companies will integrate Prealize’s actionable healthcare insights into VirtualHealth’s HELIOS care management platform, bringing next generation analytics into the workflows that power care management and coordination.

Greenlight Guru Launches Halo℠ For Change Management, World’s First AI & ML Recommendation Engine for Medical Device Quality
Greenlight Guru (@greenlightguru), a medical device quality management software (MDQMS) platform company, announced the launch of Halo℠ for Change Management, the world’s first AI and machine learning recommendation engine for medical device quality. This revolutionary product provides quality and product teams with recommendations of items impacted by a change order and the real-time visibility needed to discover, assess and manage the impact of a change. With the launch of Halo℠ for Change Management, medical device companies can stop reacting and start predicting.

Nuance Launches Omnichannel Patient Engagement Virtual Assistant Platform to Power Healthcare’s ‘Digital Front Door’
Nuance Communications, Inc. (@NuanceInc) launched an AI-powered patient engagement virtual assistant platform to transform voice and digital experiences across the patient journey. Combining decades of healthcare expertise with award-winning intelligent engagement technology trusted by 85 percent of the Fortune 100 companies worldwide, the advanced platform integrates and extends the capabilities of the electronic health record (EHR), customer relationship management (CRM), and Patient Access Center systems to enable healthcare provider organizations to modernize their ‘digital front door’ and improve clinical care.

Product & Company News

EarlySense to Accelerate Growth in Remote Patient Monitoring Sector With Sale of Contact-Free Monitoring Technology To Hillrom
EarlySense (@EarlySense_Ltd), a global company in contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions across the healthcare continuum, announced that it has sold proprietary contact-free continuous monitoring technology to Hillrom. Under terms of the agreement, EarlySense will receive licensing for all intellectual property and technology sold to Hillrom for use outside the hospital, as well as a cash consideration of $30 million, potential payments based on the achievement of certain commercial milestones, and a portion of Hillrom’s equity investment in EarlySense.

Virtua Health Unveils New Tool to Make Accessing Care Easier for Patients in South Jersey
Virtua Health (@VirtuaHealth), South Jersey’s largest health system, has deployed Loyal’s Guide, an artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare chatbot and live chat solution, to improve patients’ online experience. In addition to handling appointment requests, billing questions and other triage functionalities for hospitals and health systems, Guide allows patients to type in a wide variety of questions they may have on Virtua Health’s website.

Biobeat Launches Health AI Hospital At Home Patient Monitoring Kit
Biobeat (@BiobeatT), a global company in continuous remote patient monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum, has launched a new home-based remote patient monitoring kit. The solution allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and receive updates and deterioration alerts, helping to alleviate hospital overload, reduce costs and improve patient care.

Bioclinica Announces Breakthrough AI Image Redaction Technology for Clinical Trials
Bioclinica (@bioclinica), an integrated solutions provider of clinical life science and technology expertise, announced a new product to support redaction of sensitive patient information from videos, photos, and PDFs in clinical trials. The addition of Image Redact AI to Bioclinica’s portfolio of specialty software solutions makes it the first and only company that can redact sensitive patient identifiers from videos in addition to photos and PDFs.

OncoHost Secures $8 Million Series B Funding Round to Advance its AI-Powered Precision Oncology Platform
OncoHost (@OncoHost), a global company in host response profiling for improved personalized cancer therapy, announced the completion of a $8 million Series B funding round. The funding will help finance OncoHost’s ongoing clinical trials, open a US-based affiliate and prepare for the upcoming launch of PROphet®, the company’s machine learning-based Host Response Profiling platform that combines proteomic analysis with AI to predict patient response to immunotherapy, providing clinicians with potential combination strategies to overcome treatment resistance.

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How is AI Impacting Health Care Today?By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato – We are often asked this question during interviews, podcasts and speaking engagements. It’s a complicated question that requires context. A closer look at the research and product offerings in digital health demonstrates that there are several high-quality, well-documented algorithms now available, but there are also several questionable vendors that have rushed to market with little evidence to support their claims. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be a full-time occupation.

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The Basics and Resources

From the leading text book around the world, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

Artificial Intelligence is composed of six different disciplines:

  1. Natural Language Processing to enable it to communicate successfully in English
  2. Knowledge Representation to store what it knows or hears
  3. Automated Reasoning to use the stored information to answer questions and to draw new conclusions
  4. Machine Learning to adapt to new circumstances and to detect and extrapolate patterns
  5. Computer Vision to perceive objects
  6. Robotics to manipulate objects and move about

To build a generally intelligent agent, you need machine learning in addition to the other aspects mentioned above.

Machine Learning is roughly the science of prediction. Given certain knowns (features), you wish to predict some unknowns (targets). The unknown could be structured (e.g. numeric) or unstructured (e.g. a string response).

Deep Learning is a sub field of machine learning where concepts are learned hierarchically. The simplest concepts emerge first, followed by more complicated concepts that build on the simpler ones. Usually, this leads to a simple layered hierarchy of concepts.

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Natural Language Processing: AI with an ROI
Health care providers need to see a return on any analytic investment they make. Natural language processing (NLP) is one way AI can help providers convert the potential within their health data into quality improvement and cost savings. Natural language processing is an AI technology that actually makes sense for health care.

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Navigating the A.I. and Cognitive Maze – If you work in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing, you might use buzz words and phrases which to others might be perceived as confusing jargon. This article attempts to explain what these terms mean, how they relate to one other and where they all fit along the AI and cognitive time continuum. I include a glossary of my top 20 useful AI/cognitive terms — and advice on getting started on your AI/cognitive journey.