SHIEC Announces Three New HIE Members Ahead of 4th Annual National Conference in Atlanta

New Members Come From Coast to Coast and In Between: Maine, Washington & Wisconsin

The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) (@SHIEClive), a national collaborative representing health information exchanges (HIEs), announced the addition of three new HIE members: HealthInfoNet (Maine), OneHealthPort, (Washington) and WISHIN, (Wisconsin). These new HIE members bring new HIE members from “coast to coast and in between,” according to Kelly Hoover Thompson, CEO of SHIEC. The addition of these new HIE members comes just weeks before the SHIEC 2018 National Conference, the 4th annual conference of the national HIE collaborative.

“As SHIEC grows its membership, it continues to increase the value that it offers to its members,” Hoover Thompson said. “In addition, the rapid growth of this national collaborative of HIEs has given a stronger voice to the HIE industry nationally.”

The growth and maturity of the of SHIEC and the HIE industry will be on display at the 4th annual SHIEC 2018 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia August 19-22, 2018. Attendance at the 4th annual conference is expected to be around 500 people according to Hoover Thompson.

HealthInfoNet (Maine)
Shaun T. Alfreds, CEO & Executive Director at HealthInfoNet, sees real value in working closely with HIE peers through SHIEC. “SHIEC presents us an opportunity to expand our relationships and partnerships as well as share ideas and innovations in a manner that supports our shared vision of a truly interoperable country, where data is used to improve individual and population health while helping our providers deliver the most effective patient-centric care services, Alfreds said.”

OneHealthPort (Washington State)
Rick Rubin, CEO of OneHealthPort, looks forward to joining the SHIEC learning community. “The HIE marketplace, like the larger health system it serves, is a dynamic place, change is the order of the day,” Rubin said. “We want to assess diverse approaches, gain insight into what worked and what didn’t and similarly, share our experiences with others. We look forward to participating and contributing to the organization going forward.”

WISHIN (Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network)
Joe Kachelski, WISHIN CEO, sees WISHIN’s membership in SHIEC improving the value that the organization is able to deliver through WISHIN Pulse, the statewide community health record. “WISHIN enables the best-informed care for all patients, wherever and whenever they intersect with the care-delivery system,” Kachelski said. “Joining SHIEC allows us to increase the value we’re able to deliver to our local stakeholders and expands our access to great HIE partners, resources, and best practices from across thecountry.”

About HealthInfoNet
HealthInfoNet is an independent, nonprofit organization using information technology to improve patient care quality and safety. The organization manages Maine’s statewide health information exchange and offers services to encourage health information technology adoption and support new and emerging models of care and care management. The organization maintains administrative offices in Portland, Maine.

About OneHealthPort
OneHealthPort, created by and for the local healthcare community solves information exchange and workflow problems shared across healthcare organizations. The Seattle based company operates primarily in the Pacific Northwest and delivers a variety of technology and management services to its customers. OneHealthPort also serves as the Lead Organization for Health Information Exchange and Administrative Simplification in Washington State.

The Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN) is an independent not-forprofit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of widespread, secure, interoperable health information technology to patients and caregivers throughout Wisconsin. As the state-designated entity for HIE, WISHIN has created a connected network of engaged providers to promote and
improve the health of individuals and communities in Wisconsin. The WISHIN Pulse community health record offers timely access to relevant information that can lead to better clinical decisions, less duplication, more effective transitions of care, and reduced administrative costs.

SHIEC is the national collaborative of health information exchanges (HIEs) and strategic business and technology partners. As the unbiased data trustees in their communities, SHIEC’s 60+ member HIE organizations manage and provide for the secure digital exchange of data by medical, behavioral, and social service providers to improve the health of the communities they
serve. Collectively, SHIEC members serve almost 75% of the U.S. population.