Louisiana Health Information Exchange

Spotlight on State Exchange: Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE)

In February 2009 the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals named the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum as the state-designated entity (SDE) to lead the planning and implementation of health information technology grants associated with the AARA. In February of 2011 they received approval of its state plan from the ONC. In November 2011 the HIE was officially launched. Known as LaHIE, the exchange allows authorized providers and organizations to electronically access and share health-related information through a secure and confidential network for the purpose of improving patient safety, quality of care and health outcomes.


Public health – LaHIE is now able to connect providers with the Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids (LINKS) through its web portal.

Exchanging patient care summaries across unaffiliated organizations – LaHIE plans to utilize point-to-point secure messaging through the use of the Nationwide Health Information Network’s (NHIN) DIRECT project.

Visit Registry – The visit registry will begin with patient matching, service location, service date/time and chief complaints. This feature will enhance care coordination, increase patient safety, reduce redundant tests and avoid unnecessary admissions.

Organizational Documents

Latest News – July 2013 – Louisiana, along with three other Gulf States, has partnered with six states in the East and Midwest in a program to help assure patients who are dislocated because of hurricanes or other disasters that their health information will be available to health care providers like
doctors and hospitals. Read the press release.

Organization Profile:

State: Louisiana
Name: Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE)
Established: 2009
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