Interoperability at Health Datapalooza

Humetrix to Demo iBlueButton for Consumer-Mediated Interoperability at Health Datapalooza

Facilitating information sharing or interoperability, so that the patient’s health history is available at every point of care, is a prerequisite to improving care and reducing costs. At Health Datapalooza, Humetrix (@Humetrix) will be in the Consumer Directed Exchange Exhibit Hall demonstrating iBlueButton, its multi-award winning mobile platform that leverages the DIRECT secure messaging function of federally certified EMRs to receive and assemble anyone’s care summaries, on their own device. Health Datapalooza will take place April 27-28 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix, will participate in the panel, National Implementations of Patient-Facing mHealth Applications, April 27 at 4:15 – 5:30 pm, which will examine how governments around the world have adopted policies and programs modeled on the US Blue Button initiative, and made available novel mobile technology modeled on iBlueButton, to give citizens mobile access to their EHRs. Speakers from Australia, France, the UK and Luxembourg will discuss their experiences.

At the Consumer Direct Exchange Exhibit Hall, Humetrix will show how patients can easily receive their health records from their healthcare providers, through DIRECT secure messaging, seamlessly and securely on their own mobile devices either at the time of an encounter or any time thereafter. With the DIRECT enabled iBlueButton mobile platform, consumers can easily assemble all their health data on their mobile device, where the application turns individual records into a longitudinal and actionable health summary that users can annotate, update, and share at any point of care. Humetrix will demo how, with iBlueButton, patients can also request their health records from their various physicians remotely, thanks to the NATE Blue Button Directory (NBBD) and the iBlueButton “Request my Medical Record’ feature.

“DIRECT secure messaging is a required component of all federally certified EMRs which now equip nearly all hospitals and close to 80 percent of physician offices,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, Humetrix’s CEO. “Because it is built on this existing standard and applied for use with everyone’s mobile device, iBlueButton provides an immediate cure to the interoperability challenge driven by business barriers that prevent physicians and hospitals from exchanging their patients’ health records. By leveraging today’s DIRECT-enabled EMR infrastructure and the ubiquitous use of mobile technology, we can improve patient safety and also reduce healthcare costs in lowering the 30 percent of healthcare expenditures annually that are driven by redundant testing and other systemic waste.”

About iBlueButton
The three-time HHS/ONC awardee of the Industry Innovation competitions, iBlueButton is available for iOS and Android devices and allows millions of Americans and family caregivers to receive, annotate, store and share their health records, securely on their mobile devices. iBlueButton’s novel technology uniquely decodes, assembles and reformats Medicare or Medicaid health claims, and EMR summary records in real time on the user’s device so that users have in their hands their up to date medical history to share with their providers. iBlueButton is also the model for national deployments of mobile Blue Button initiatives now taking place in Europe.

With their medical history in their own hands, patients can take control, and reject redundant testing as well as protect themselves from dangerous medical errors which also drive up costs. With a mobile solution available on the citizen’s own mobile device, government can drive these efficiencies at-scale, while providing the level of transparency and control that citizens are demanding.

About NATE
NATE is facilitating consumer access through enabling providers and consumer facing technologies to establish trust and create a means for data to flow. NATE’s Blue Button Directory (NBBD) allows for consumers and providers to share data and improve outcomes. When the Directory is made available, patients will be able to reach out to their providers and request their medical record be sent through DIRECT to their iBlueButton application.

About Humetrix
Humetrix has pioneered the development of innovative consumer-centered mobile solutions over the past 15 years, which are deployed around the world.