HITECH Answers adds 20th Webinar

A year ago the concept for HITECH Answers took shape.  From the outset, our number one priority was to build a resource site delivering independent analysis of the HITECH Act through the convenience of webinars. Our vision of a “virtual library” of on demand webinars that could be “checked out” by subscribers and their staffs took root and today we added our 20th webinar. 

Appropriately enough, this 20th webinar starts a new chapter for us as we begin to focus on workflow – a challenge for any healthcare organization adopting an EHR system.  Here is a brief synopsis:

Title: Role of Design in EHR Systems
Summary:  What use are EMR/EHR systems that don’t support the way healthcare professionals actually work? What does “meaningful use” really mean to the people who have to use the systems every day? Systems designed around features and functionality are unlikely to be intuitive, creative or flexible. “Meaningful Use” addresses features, functions, interoperability, and security but not workflow. The problem? Users are required to conform to system functionality rather than creating systems that support users. This session addresses design of an EHR system and how healthcare providers can influence design to support end use.

If you are a current subscriber, you can log in and find this webinar in the EHR Adoption wing.  We will add a Workflow wing in the coming weeks and will notify you when it’s up. 

If you are not a subscriber and would like to learn more about what is contained in our virtual library, please follow this link to our library overview or better yet, check out the experts  that have contributed so much to this effort.

And finally, a big thank you to our readers, subscribers and experts – we appreciate all your support this past year.