HIE Rundown 11-11-16

HIE-200Health Information Exchange (HIE) is happening every minute of every day. Your personal health information is moving and being viewed to improve the quality of your healthcare and lower the costs. The job will not be complete until all health records are digital and interoperable. Here’s what’s happening to make that reality.

Post-Acute Providers Now Receiving Notifications on Patients through Use of PatientPing, Improving Care Coordination Efforts Across Multiple States
PatientPing (@PatientPing), a health technology company that allows health care providers to be notified in real time when their patients receive care elsewhere, announced that with hospital admission, discharge, and transfer data now flowing across multiple states, post-acute facilities in those areas have the option to receive Pings on their patients to assist with timely intervention and follow up. Facilities that have opted into receiving Pings are seeing immediate and positive results in their patient care.

Green Circle Health joins the BENEFITFOCUS® Ecosystem
Green Circle Health (GCH) (@GreenCircleHannounced it has joined the BENEFITFOCUS® Ecosystem and will link its GCH Platform within the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace allowing employers to offer employees and their familiesan opportunity for greater control over their healthcare and wellbeing.

Availity Announces Support of FHIR® Standard for Healthcare Data Exchange
Availity (@Availity), the nation’s largest real-time health information network, announced that it will be using the HL7® FHIR® standard for sharing critical data between payers and providers, including patient eligibility and benefits, lab tests, diagnoses, medical attachments, ADT, and other healthcare information.

RosettaHealth™ Achieves Electronic Health Record Exchange and Interoperability Milestones
RosettaHealth (@rosettahealth), a standards-based SaaS interoperability platform that eases the movement of electronic medical records across organizational boundaries, has achieved significant growth and implementation milestones since launching its expanded platform in February 2016. Since being introduced into the HIT market, RosettaHealth has moved more than one million electronic health records per month, and has been utilized by a wide-range of health organizations, including Doctors Community Hospital, Aprima, Par8o, and RxNT. It is also providing the infrastructure for CDC’s Nationwide Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) public health reporting effort.

MEDITECH Hosts Interoperability Leaders at CommonWell Summit
For the second year in a row, MEDITECH (@MEDITECH) hosted the CommonWell Health Alliance’s Annual General Meeting and Fall Summit, at their conference center in Foxborough, MA. This event brought together the leading healthcare IT vendors to use their collective experience in breaking down barriers to national data exchange.

Where Innovators are Transforming Health Care, Advancing Technology, Creating Opportunites
The Connected Health Symposium took place recently where health, technology, research, human behavior and public policy intersect. Get the recaps and highlights on #CHealth16.

EMR Direct Announces Interoperability Engine 2017
EMR Direct (@EMRDirect), a developer of software for the secure exchange of health information over the Internet, announced availability of Interoperability Engine 2017, with new and enhanced functionality designed for ease of deployment, and to meet requirements of the new 2015 Edition Health Information Technology (Health IT) certification criteria.