Health IT in 2014

Who’s Predicting the Future?

Now that the eggnog high and sugar coma from the holidays have completely worn off, it is time to really look ahead into 2014. This is the year for change, connection, big data, and innovation. So who is saying what when it comes to health IT?

We start with Dr. Kent Bottles, healthcare consultant specializing in the future of healthcare. He admits that his 5 healthcare trends to look out for in 2014 list cannot compete with the Pantone Color Institute’s prediction that Radiant Orchid will be next year’s color of the year. We are still sitting up and listening.

John Moore, industry analyst from Chilmark Research, pens his annual “What’s in Store” list. From MU to this list has it all from the analysit point of view.

Brent Dover, President of Health Catalyst has 4 Bold Predictions for Healthcare Analytics in 2014 and Beyond. Looking ahead, 2014 feels like the turning point for analytics: those who have invested smartly will find themselves at a competitive advantage; those who haven’t will find themselves playing catchup.

HP weighs in with, Top 5 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2014. What is trending in healthcare technology as we approach 2014? Technology is an ever-changing paradigm, but some issues simply keep rising to the top. The mobile revolution continues, and patient involvement and engagement in their own healthcare is on the rise. It is becoming imperative to improve not only the patient, but also the caregiver experience.

Health IT Security’s Patrick Ouellette looks to the future in healthcare privacy and security. He contends that a hectic 2013 has certainly set the stage for a busy 2014 packed with healthcare organizational policy changes and technology advancements.

Editor Kate Ackerman at iHealthBeat compiles 13 Experts as they Reflect on on 2013 Health IT Progress, Frustrations and Hopes for 2014. The star studded list includes CHIME CEO Russell Branzell, CIO John Halamka, MD, ePatient Dave deBronkart, and Jacob Reider of the ONC.

Ken Terry makes his predictions of Digital Health Trends for 2014 in Information Week. Step back, EHRs. These healthcare IT innovations are poised to take center stage in 2014.

Government Health IT is predicting strong growth for the health IT market. Read what is driving this expansion in 2014: Big HIT market expansion ahead. They also look ahead in 2014 health IT policy. A new year, a new ONC, and a policy committee gearing up for stage 3.

You can alway count on Becker’s Hospital Review for great lists. Check these out for 2014: 10 Up-and-Coming Healthcare Jobs for 2014 and 10 Technologies Healthcare Leaders (Should) Want.

And finally the Disruptive Women blog compiled their list of Disruptive Women to Watch in 2014.