Governor’s Created Alliance Releases State Guide on HIE

In 2007 the National Governors Association (NGA) created the State Alliance for e-Health, from an ONC contract award, as a collaborative to improve the health care system through HIT initiatives. The forum identifies inter and intrastate based HIT policies and best practices as well as solutions to issues relating to the exchange of health information. The Alliance is currently co-chaired by Governor Jim Douglas of VT and Governor Phil Bredensen of TN. The semi-annual conference met in Burlington, VT last Friday, August 7.

One of the special interest topics discussed was “Preparing to Implement HITECH”. Read their report, Preparing to Implement HITECH – A States Guide for Electronic Health Information Exchange, which recommends actions states should begin undertaking now to successfully implement the HITECH Act.

You can also read news and recent reports from the State Alliance for e-health on their web page.