Friday at Five – All About Masks

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Medical experts have now confirmed that wearing a mask or cloth face covering will help slow the spread of the coronavirus. There is a lot of information about types of masks, how to wear them properly, how to make your own, medical guidelines for safe masks, who is selling the most effective masks, and why are we wearing them. Today we focus on the most important dos and don’ts and other relevant information about wearing a mask during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19
CDC recommendations for making, wearing and cleaning face masks.

Advice for the Public: When and How to use Masks

The World Health Organization (@WHO) provides resources, tips and advice when it comes to all aspects of wearing a mask during COVID-19. Check out their graphics on how to put on and dispose of a mask, when to use a mask, how to prepare to put a mask on, and the dos and don’ts of mask wearing. It’s important to remember that while wearing a mask can help limit the spread of the virus, doing this in isolation with no other precautions is not guaranteed to stop any infections, including COVID-19. Wearing a mask should also be combined with other preventive measures. For more, check out this video:

How do the Different Types of Masks Work?
The Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic) is the #1 ranked hospital in the United States on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll, by U.S. News and World Report (@USNewsHealth.) See how they break down how different types of masks work including surgical, N95, and cloth masks.

Shopping for Face Masks
The demand for face masks has turned into a business opportunity. While there are many choices online to purchase masks, NBC News (@nbcnews) has complied a list of companies who have listed features and materials that adhere to the CDC’s criteria on masks. They further narrowed the list down to the brands who pledge to give back a portion of their supply or proceeds to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to this list, check out HealthcareNow Radio’s Nurse Lauren’s favorite masks from ACI | NAE. In an effort to help with the COVID-19 crisis, for every mask purchased they will donate one.



Wear a Mask New York Ad Contest
The New York State Department of Health (@HealthNYGov) challenged New Yorkers with a contest to come up with an ad that conveyed why it is so important to wear a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus. Check out the winner, finalists, and honorable mentions. 

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