CHIC Announces Orion Health as its HIE Vendor

Orion Health HIE to power HIE-Bridge, Minnesota’s statewide Health Information Exchange

DULUTH, MN – Community Health Information Collaborative (CHIC), Minnesota’s state-certified Health Information Organization, is pleased to announce a partnership with Orion Health. CHIC has selected Orion Health technology to power HIE-Bridge, Minnesota’s state-certified health information exchange (HIE) that allows providers to locate and access key clinical information that is vital when making medical decisions. Through HIE-Bridge, health providers across Minnesota have access to authorized patient information through a secure web-based information exchange platform. CHIC’s overall objective of partnering with Orion Health is to enhance clinical care coordination between all healthcare organizations and eligible providers to improve patient outcomes, save patient and provider time, and to conserve precious healthcare dollars.

With more than twenty years of global experience with HIE and electronic health record (EHR) implementations, Orion Health provides simple, flexible and extendable solutions to support a diverse array of HIE requirements. Orion Health has achieved a number of successful statewide HIE implementations of its innovative software, including: Maine, Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Dakota.

Orion Health’s HIE services for CHIC and HIE-Bridge will include the exchange of clinical patient information, medication and immunization histories, laboratory and diagnostic test results, and in the future, clinical data analytics.

Those currently using HIE-Bridge services will be migrated over to Orion Health’s infrastructure in the coming months. Healthcare organizations seeking to join HIE-Bridge will begin to be added in the fourth quarter of 2013. Recipients of the MN Department of Health grants for e-Health Connectivity should be queuing up for implementation dates to meet the December 31, 2013 deadline.

“CHIC engaged in a vigorous RFP process as we researched HIE software vendors. We selected Orion Health due to its outstanding customer service and breadth of solutions from which we can build a much more mature HIE-BridgeCONNECT offering for our clients in Minnesota,” said Cheryl M. Stephens, PhD, president and CEO, CHIC. “CHIC’s vision of notifications to providers of emergency room visits by patients and having a longitudinal patient record that could be accessed quickly, securely and configured to a physician’s viewing preference, plus many more enhancements, is now possible with the Orion Health solution.”

“CHIC’s vision for a truly connected healthcare landscape across the state of Minnesota is both ambitious and admirable,” said Paul Viskovich, president of Orion Health North America.

“As a key partner in this endeavor, Orion Health will bring its global experience to bear to ensure that CHIC member providers and their patients realize the full benefits of seamless health information exchange.”

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