Attend the 7th Annual Patient Experience Symposium

When: September 18-20, 2023
Where: The Westin Waltham Boston, Boston MA
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Hashtag: #PatientExperienceSymposium
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Leading Edge Strategies to Enhance Safety, Workforce, and Equity

Patient Experience Symposium is a one-of-a-kind conference that brings together leading stakeholders from across healthcare, all to improve your organization’s patient experience. The most influential thought leaders, healthcare executives, and clinicians come here to exchange game-changing ideas and actionable strategies to enhance the patient experience within your healthcare ecosystem.

Come prepared to learn best practices and find answers to difficult patient experience issues. Leave with the power to build an unforgettable patient experience.

Who Attends Patient Experience Symposium?

This live three-day conference, followed by 3 month-long on-demand learning brings together senior-level healthcare professionals across the healthcare spectrum who are responsible for patient experience outcomes. The agenda includes targeted programming for healthcare executives, administrators, physicians, and nurse leaders.

Each year, they carefully develop a program that meets the trends and pain points of the patient experience. Their distinguished faculty provide insights into how patient experience impacts both quality and economic improvements, what role leadership plays in creating the right culture for patient-centered care, and how to identify, evaluate and prioritize innovations that can quickly affect the lives of patients and practitioners.