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Our monthly report on AI, ML, DL, and NLP in healthcare looks at who, what, where, and how the use of artificial intelligence is changing healthcare for the better. We will bring you some of the latest news and product information along with thought leader posts and our AI playlist of episodes from Healthcare NOW Radio.

In the News

Inovalon and Amazon Web Services Collaborate on the Use of AI/ML to Improve Healthcare
Inovalon (@InovalonInc), a provider of cloud-based software empowering data-driven healthcare, announced at its annual Customer Congress event in Washington, D.C. a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop superior software solutions to support the healthcare industry’s pursuit of better outcomes and economics. The combination of AWS’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, including Amazon Comprehend Medical, further enhanced through the application of logical scaffolding informed by Inovalon’s AI/machine learning (ML) capabilities and deep subject matter expertise is yielding superior results when compared to previously available technologies.

Powered by Its Industry-Leading Comprehensive Multi-Omic Database, Caris Life Sciences to Showcase Research at ESMO 2023
Caris Life Sciences®(Caris) (@carisls), a next-generation AI TechBio company and precision medicine pioneer that is actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare and improve the human condition using molecular science and AI, announced that the company and collaborators within the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance™ (POA) will collectively present seven studies across a breadth of tumor types at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2023 in Madrid, Spain from October 20-24, 2023 (Booth #513). The findings demonstrate the power of Caris’ comprehensive clinico-genomic database that enable novel insights into cancer that could have profound effects on a patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, care plan and response to treatment.

Densitas and Intelerad Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Breast Cancer Screening with Innovative AI Technology
Densitas® (@Densitas), a global company in artificial intelligence solutions for breast cancer screening, announced a strategic partnership with Intelerad Medical Systems® (@Intelerad), a provider of medical imaging software and services. This partnership strengthens clinical decision-making, increases operational efficiencies, reduces costs, and improves mammography quality and mammography facility adherence with MQSA EQUIP standards.

Carta Healthcare Survey Results Indicate that Education Around AI May Improve Consumer Trust
Carta Healthcare® (@Carta_AI), a company whose mission is to improve patient care by harnessing the value of clinical data, announced the results of a survey measuring American perception and trust of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Propeller Insights conducted the online survey of 1,027 U.S. consumers between August 18 and August 29, 2023.

Google Announces New Generative AI Search Capabilities for Doctors
Google Cloud (@googlecloud) announced new artificial intelligence-powered search capabilities that it said will help health-care workers quickly pull accurate clinical information from different types of medical records. The health-care industry is home to troves of valuable information and data, but it can be challenging for clinicians to find since it’s often stored across multiple systems and formats. Google Cloud’s new search tool will allow doctors to pull information from clinical notes, scanned documents and electronic health records so it can be accessed in one place.

Georgia State University Receives $10M Grant to Advance Research in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Edge Computing
Jonathan Shihao Ji, a computer science professor at Georgia State University (@GeorgiaStateU), has received a $10 million grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to address critical problems in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics with a focus on human-robot interaction, 3D virtual environment reconstruction, edge computing and trustworthy AI.

AVIA’s National Generative AI Collaborative Grows to Nearly Thirty Major Health Systems
AVIA (@HealthAVIA), the nation’s leading market intelligence and advisory services firm advancing digital transformation in healthcare, has added several additional health systems to its national Generative AI Strategic Collaborative. The new additions include multiple nationally recognized health systems and industry leaders, including some of the largest health systems in the country.

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and Quris-AI Expand Collaboration
Quris-AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) innovator disrupting the pharmaceutical arena, announced the extension of its collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a science and technology company. This follows the successful initial collaboration, a preclinical study to assess Quris-AI’s ability to predict drug toxicity in comparison to traditional in vitro and in vivo approaches.


Fairtility Integrates with Leading Electronic Medical Record Systems in the Reproductive Care Market, Advancing Digitalization of the IVF Clinic
Fairtility (@fairtility), the transparent AI innovator powering reproductive care for improved outcomes, announced that its AI decision support system, CHLOE™, has been successfully integrated with leading electronic medical record (EMR) platforms used in fertility clinics, including vRepro, IDEAS from Mellowood Medical, nAble IVF and MedITEX.

CharmHealth Advances Provider and Patient Intelligence With AI
CharmHealth (@charmhealth), a provider of healthcare technology solutions, announced three breakthroughs to improve patient care. With the launch of its new Chart Note Assist, the company incorporated sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) into its electronic health record (EHR) platform to instantly surface relevant patient data, providing physicians with key diagnostic insights and generating potential treatment plans. Additionally, CharmHealth announced that it now can integrate patient records from other providers as well as pull in data from a patient’s health and wellness apps and devices to create a more complete profile for better overall outcomes and greater convenience.

H1 Boosts Flagship Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform with Generative AI to Accelerate Clinical Trials
H1 (@H1co_), a source of truth for global Healthcare Professional, clinical, scientific, and research information, announced the launch of GenosAI, a new generative AI tool seamlessly embedded into its clinical trial intelligence platform, Trial Landscape, to analyze and respond to all types of complex inquiries. Trial Landscape allows sponsors to identify new sites, centers of excellence, and investigators with diverse patients; evaluate site and PI patient recruitment strategies; and gauge competition across trials. GenosAI is a significant leap forward in enhancing efficiency, diversity, and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

New Generative AI-Native Health Company RhythmX AI Announces Precision Care Platform for Doctors to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Care to the Right Patient at the Right Time
SAIGroup announced the funding and launch of RhythmX AI, a generative AI-native precision care company building a platform to free up doctors to deliver hyper-personalized patient care. RhythmX AI delivers to doctors advanced generative AI capabilities and predictive AI algorithms based on extensive longitudinal data. These provide patient-specific prescriptive actions and recommendations doctors can drill into using a generative AI-enabled natural language interface and AI-native copilots.

Augmedix Announces New AI Medical Documentation Product, Augmedix Go, a Clinician-Controlled Mobile App
Augmedix (@augmedix), a healthcare technology company that delivers industry-leading, ambient medical documentation and data solutions, announced the early access release of the newest product on its platform, Augmedix Go, a clinician-controlled mobile app that uses generative AI to instantaneously create a fully automated draft medical note after each patient visit.

Carium’s Innovative Approach to Generative AI Powered by Amazon Bedrock
Carium (@cariumcares), a trailblazer in the virtual care management technology space, has announced its AI-focused roadmap using Amazon Bedrock to accelerate the development of cloud-based generative AI applications.

Ochsner Health to integrate generative AI into patient messaging
This month, Ochsner Health (@OchsnerHealth) is launching a pilot program that uses AI to draft simple messages to patients in the MyOchsner app portal. A small group of Ochsner clinicians will participate in testing a new Epic feature that drafts responses to routine patient requests, which will then be reviewed and edited by the clinicians. The feature is meant to speed up app response time to patients and allows doctors to spend more time with patients.

To Read

Generative AI Benefits: We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface – By John Halamka, M.D. & Paul Cerrato, Mayo Clinic Platform (@MayoPlatform) –  While large language models like ChatGPT, BARD, and LlaMA have their shortcomings, their impact on the healthcare community is without precedent. Equally important is the effect they have had on IT developers who want to create algorithms specifically designed for the medical profession. There are now applications that can pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), answer basic questions in patients’ emails, and summarize the narrative notes in an electronic medical record (EMR). But as our title suggests, this only scratches the surface. Most of the healthcare related applications that are now getting the profession’s attention rely on the ability of these chatbots to generate natural language text. But large language models (LLMs) are also capable of analyzing other types of data, including the ICD codes and timeline content in EHR records.

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