2015 eHealth Initiative Annual Conference

eHealthInitiativeeHealth Initiative’s 2015 Annual Conference & Member Meetings

February 3-5
Washington, DC

The conference will bring together the most influential leaders from across the healthcare spectrum to discuss critical issues related to the use of data and technology to improve healthcare for all Americans. eHealth Initiative’s Annual Conference includes a variety of perspectives and stakeholders in a neutral environment, including a series of interactive panels and best practices. The event draws hundreds of attendees from professional societies, patient advocacy groups, payers, health systems, pharmacies, labs, medical device manufacturers and many other key constituencies.

Sessions will focus on creating interoperable systems for new care delivery models, with a strong emphasis on supporting transitions of care. Discussion topics include:

  • Apple and Mayo Clinic. Embracing Innovation: Emerging Tools in the Marketplace
  • Key Functionality Needed for Interoperability
  • Patient Matching: Why You Should Care
  • Content and De-identification
  • Wearable Technology and the Future of Privacy
  • The Straight Scoop: Health System Executives Face Interoperability
  • Payers and Bundled Payments
  • Working with CEOs on Data Security
  • Catering to the Consumer
  • Wearables: Changing the Way We Think About Our Healthcare
  • Telemedicine: The Next Frontier
  • Debate on Consolidation in the Health IT Market: Is Bigger Better?
  • Incentives for the Entire Care Continuum
  • Incorporating EHRs into Daily Work: Getting Past Adoption to Meaningful Use
  • Case Studies Using Analytics in Public Health: Syndromic Surveillance
  • Creating an Ecosystem to Support API-based Interoperability

At the Annual Conference You Will:

Collaborate one-on-one with more than 250 healthcare industry key stakeholders within Three (3) focused and intimate workgroup discussions on Interoperability, Data Access & Use and Business and Clinical Motivators.

Problem-solve with healthcare leaders during nine (9) Learning Lab breakout discussion sessions and panels focused on hot button issues and focused on ways to overcome barriers that stand in the way of progress in healthcare. Panelists and speakers will deliberate solutions to big data challenges, determine how value can drive innovation, and develop strategies to turn outputs into outcomes.

Share experiences, problems, solutions and best practices. Through Q&A sessions at panels or at focused networking events and activities, you will have numerous opportunities to connect with others who share your passion and areas of expertise.

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