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Effectively Managing Data, Information Risk, and Compliance in Today’s Turbulent Healthcare Ecosystem

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Today’s healthcare ecosystem continues to be the target of ever-evolving cyber criminals who continue to expose the security vulnerabilities of our nation’s most trusted healthcare institutions. The ramifications of these cyber attacks weigh heavily on the minds of healthcare industry stakeholders. Join eFax Corporate and Answers Media Network as we explore why it is crucial for organizations to demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the highest electronic data protection standards which in turn provides customers with the assurance that protecting health information is taken seriously.


  • Why cyber attacks are increasing during COVID-19
  • How organizations can counter with a laser focus on privacy and security
  • How recent industry interoperability initiatives can help
  • Leveraging third-party risk assessments
  • How reduced OCR enforcement and HIPAA restrictions can hurt you
  • Q&A

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Matthew Fisher, Esq.
Partner at Mirick O’Connell and Host of Healthcare de Jure on HealthcareNOW Radio


Jeffrey Sullivan, CTO
J2 Global
Lee Barrett, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Parisi, Vice President of Assurance Strategy and Community Development

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