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Accounting for the Social Determinants of Health During COVID-19

by NextGate

Leveraging data driven tools to confidently identify individuals at enhanced risk of contracting COVID-19, and experiencing poorer outcomes from the virus

Using a combination of population health management strategies and patient identity intelligence, healthcare providers and public health officials can begin to view the social determinants of health as a fundamental component of the fight against COVID-19.

An enterprise master patient index (EMPI) can provide the underlying technical foundation for initiating this type of population health management by:

  • Bringing a patient’s complete healthcare status into focus.
  • Delivering access to current and complete medical histories.
  • Create and manage reliable unique patient identifiers to ensure that records are always associated with the correct individual as they move throughout the healthcare system.

By developing certainty about patient identities and synthesizing that information with data about the social determinants of health, providers can efficiently and effectively connect with their patients to offer much-needed resources.

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