Download – Pitfalls of Patient Matching

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Patient Identification

by NextGate

The average health system has 18 disparate EMR vendors in use across all affiliated providers – HIMSS Analytics

In the wake of digitization, healthcare’s infrastructure has become a chaotic spaghetti of disparate systems and applications. In fact, the average health system is running 18 different EMR vendors across its entire provider network. For many organizations, this volume of fragmented systems has become an infrastructure bottleneck, resulting in degraded data quality, care coordination gaps, medical errors and disruptive workflows.

This white paper takes a deep dive into the 4 reasons why organizations can’t turn a blind eye to patient identity management including:

  1. Managing Populations at Scale
  2. Patient Attribution for Value-Based Care
  3. Quality Report
  4. Patient Experience


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