Download – FHIR for Clinicians

FHIR for Clinicians: How to blaze through FHIR health IT projects

by Orion Health

The FHIR® standard is maturing and increasingly being adopted for integration projects across the globe. It is becoming essential that clinicians and informed patients become involved in these projects, as they depend on the correct representation of clinical information being shared between clinical systems, which is an area that is notoriously difficult to get right. In this paper, we will discuss what a clinician needs to know about FHIR to be able to knowledgeably participate in these projects. We will begin by discussing the fundamentals of FHIR and focusing on those aspects that the clinical user should be familiar with, and then discuss tooling that is being developed to help people gain an understanding of FHIR. We will conclude with a discussion of the overall process that can be used to develop the FHIR artifacts.


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