Download – Clinical Communication and Collaboration

The Savvy Hospital Leader’s Guide to Clinical Communication and Collaboration

by Spok

The era of information silos in healthcare is, finally, coming to a close. Since EHR systems have united previously separate systems—like physician order entry, imaging, lab, and pharmacy—hospitals are looking for ways to become more aware, integrated, collaborative, and patient-centric. Many organizations are achieving this with technology: Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platforms that interoperate with the EHR and other clinical systems to improve care coordination, streamline workflows, achieve better outcomes, and provide the situational awareness required to be fully real time and patient-centric. This guide includes the latest CC&C research from Gartner, which defines the value of a CC&C platform and explores market trends, as well as a six-step guide to design your approach and build truly robust enterprise communications to position your organization to be a real-time health system.

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