Upcoming Virtual Health IT Events for Providers

Take advantage of these upcoming webinars for healthcare providers focused on adopting health information technology and participation in federal initiatives and quality reporting programs for transition to value based care. The webinars listed are free of charge so register today. For other Health IT events, conferences, or summits visit our Event Calendar. For our upcoming webinars see Our Webinars in the HIT Event Calendar. Also follow our Hashtag Events.

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022  12:00 – 1:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @ONC_HealthIT

TEFCA RCE Monthly Informational Call – The Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) will host a public informational call as an opportunity to share information about the progress to-date. An anticipated agenda will be shared in advance each month. This meeting will also provide stakeholders an opportunity to share their support, questions, and ideas.

Vendor and HIT Consultant Events

The following events are hosted by Health IT and EHR vendors and consultants. They are open to the public and we have not been paid to advertise. Presentations could include product marketing.

1st Healthcare Compliance
When: Tuesday, July 12, 2022  1:00 – 2:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @1sthcc

Workplace Civility: What Non-Unionized Employers Need to Know to Navigate the NLRA – Lauren E.M. Russell, Counsel at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP leads this hot-topic webinar. The National Labor Relations Board under the Biden Administration has expressed a renewed interest in expanding its influence into non-unionized work forces. This includes reviewing and–in the right circumstances challenging–employers’ use of workplace civility, confidentiality, and anti-harassment policies. Learn what you need to know to safely navigate the National Labor Relations Act while ensuring that your employees enjoy a safe and respectful work environment.

Health Catalyst
When: Thursday, July 14, 2022  1:00 – 2:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @HealthCatalyst

How Carle Health Effectively Integrated Augmented Intelligence – Healthcare experts anticipate a 40 percent annual growth in the use of augmented intelligence (AI) in healthcare over the next two years. With limited resources and increasing amounts of data, leaders are turning to AI to make sense of their data and derive critical insight for better decision making. In this webinar, Phil Rowell, M.J., Vice President of Clinical and Business Intelligence at Carle Health, will describe how Carle Health became an early adopter of AI and leveraged AI-powered analytics to tackle the complexities of COVID-19, improve sepsis management, and accurately forecast patient outcomes and associated costs based on historical and current data.

Lumina Health Partners
When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022  12:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @LuminaHP

Driving Revenue Cycle Effectiveness in Value-Based Care – Today’s finance and revenue cycle leaders are focused on improving operating margins, implementing coding compliance programs, managing workforce challenges, and adapting to risk-based contractual arrangements. A healthy revenue cycle greatly contributes to a provider organization’s performance in a risk-based arrangement by increasing revenue opportunities and reducing costs. Through a case study, this session will share insights on taking a data-driven approach to improve revenue cycle operational performance in support of value-based contracts.

EHI – Executives for Health Innovation
When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022  1:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @eHealthDC

Expert Recommendations: Building and Sustaining a Modern Public Health System – EHI will be hosting a public webinar featuring representatives from EHI’s Public Health Modernization Task Force, as well as the industries top Public Health experts. Speakers will share their knowledge and experience and discuss the path forward toward a public health system that is innovative and inclusive for all patients.

Harmony Healthcare IT
When: Wednesday, July 20, 2022  1:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @HarmonyHIT

Creating a Better EHR Go-Live for Clinicians – Join them to learn data conversion strategies that will reduce manual data reconciliation through the use of AI and benefit clinicians upon go-live of an EHR transition. Learning objectives: Recognize common challenges faced during EHR transitions; Identify strategies to reduce the risk for adverse drug events; Understand how AI can enhance data reconciliation and reduce EHR user fatigue.

When: Wednesday, July 21, 2022  2:00 pm ET
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Twitter: @InstaMed

The Trends Driving Change in Healthcare Payments: Moving Forward With NextGen® Pay powered by InstaMed – The twelfth edition of the Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report published by InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company reveals that the industry is moving toward digital-first, personalized consumer payment experiences. Changes brought on by the pandemic, increased conversations about social determinants of health and demand for price transparency are driving this shift. The past year shed light on some new and some festering challenges for providers and payers. Providers, who have always struggled with staff shortages and turnover, are trying to manage a nationwide staffing crisis. Payers are navigating changes in their relationships with employer groups while looking for ways to connect with members. These changes affect consumers who tend to direct questions back to providers once again. What initiatives are providers focused on to deliver personalization to consumers and address unique challenges to their businesses? Watch the webinar to explore the latest healthcare payments trends.

REC and State HIE Events

These events are hosted by Regional Extension Centers or State Health Information Exchanges. The events could have registration limited to their members. Please check registration requirements on these events.

MeHI – Massachusetts eHealth Institute & MassCyberCenter
When: Thursday, July 14, 2022  10:00 – 11:00 am ET
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Twitter: @MassEHealth

Healthcare Provider Cybersecurity Monthly Call – Join the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI) and the MassCyberCenter for their monthly health care provider cybersecurity call. As always, they will be joined by representatives of CISA New England and the Massachusetts State Police and Commonwealth Fusion Center who will provide updates on recent cyber threats and trends. The monthly topic for this call will be the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC).

These calls will continue to occur on the second Thursday of every month and will feature a discussion leader from MeHI and the MassCyberCenter, CISA, the Commonwealth Fusion Center, and additional guest speakers to provide updates on emerging threats and cover a monthly topic of interest from the group.