The Future of Drug Development and Decentralized Clinical Trials

A Conversation with Amir Kalali MD

Dr. Amir Kalali, Chairman and Chief Curator of the CNS Summit
Twitter: @akalali

Dr. Amir Kalali is a physician scientist, recognized globally as a leading innovator at the intersection of life sciences and technology, and a convener of collaborative high impact forums. He is the Chairman and Chief Curator of the CNS Summit, a forum focused on the future of life sciences, and was the Founding Chairman, and sits on the Executive Committee of the International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD), one of the first independent non-profits to bring together leaders in drug development to collaborate. He has been involved in initiatives by the Institute of Medicine, as well as the NIH FAST and the NIH NCATS program.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. Clinical visionary, scientist, author, advisor, neurologist, psychiatrist and more, Amir Kalali, MD, is laying tracks for the future of drug development and decentralized clinical trials.
  2. Dr. Kalali shares why/how his multinational background gives him a special understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion in medicine and drug development.
  3. Kalali shares his secret superpower in breaking down silos and building dynamic cross-sector communities where people collaborate to accelerate innovation.
  4. “If patients knew these people are not working well with each other, they would not be happy,” and Dr. Kalali dedicates himself to making partnership desirable.
  5. A neurologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Kalali reflects on why resistance to change stymies drug innovation and how he approaches collaboration to advance vital ideas.
  6. Kalali has kicked off two important life science communities that rally global industry leaders – CNS Summit and Find out why these two gatherings have a disproportional influence on life science.


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