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AI in Healthcare News and Updates

This month’s AI report includes news and updates from Mednition, Radiology Partners, AccurKardia, Lucem Health, Tempus, Royal Philips, Press Ganey, Aiberry, John Muir Health, Ambience Healthcare, MedCerts, Cyera, eClinicalWorks, Exo, Mayo Clinic, Intelligent Medical Objects & more!

Talent Tuesday: The Healthcare Workforce

With 18% of healthcare workers having left their jobs and another 12% being laid off, what are the solutions for healthcare as a whole? You can’t open a paper, magazine, or watch news and not hear about the crisis that has evolved. This is our Talent Tuesday Workforce edition.

Patient Experience 11-26-2019

How can understanding patient experience improve and advance patient-centered care? What aspects of health care delivery fall under the umbrella of patient experience? We will explore answers to these questions and all of the ins and outs of patient experience in this series.

Competing for Market share

By Sarianne Gruber – Press Ganey’s latest report, Competing on Patient-Driven Value, The New Health Care Marketplace, was released in March 2015. Press Ganey defines key strategies for healthcare organizations to compete in today’s changing healthcare environment.