patient data

Forecasting Healthier Tomorrows

By Thad Salido MD – The future of healthcare extends beyond treating illnesses; it’s about the ability to foresee and prevent them. With the emergence of AI and the rapid expansion of comprehensive population health data, we stand at the cusp of a healthcare revolution.

Hospitals Collect and Receive Social Needs Data, but Usage Varies

From The Health IT Buzz blog – If left unaddressed, the social needs experienced by an individual may lead to poor health outcomes and more time spent in hospitals and interacting with the health care system. Hospitals, therefore, are uniquely situated to help address social needs and mitigate social risk factors by screening for…

The Promise and Potential of Applied A.I. in Healthcare

By Sridhar Nemala – Applied artificial intelligence is changing the way clinicians diagnose and treat patients. AI will never replace clinicians, but it is already empowering decision-making. Advances in data collection and analysis are making a real-world impact on the treatment of chronic, underdiagnosed conditions, such as…

From Reading to Writing: Next Steps for Patient Data Exchange and Interoperability

By William Hersh MD – The rationale and implementation for reading data from the electronic health record and other clinical sources is relatively simple and straightforward. Especially now enshrined into law in the US by the 21st Century Cures Rule, and standardized by the FHIR application programming interface, accessing data for reading by clinicians, patients, and others is here to stay.