Precision Medicine Under the Microscope

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The US National Library of Medicine says “although the term ‘precision medicine’ is relatively new, the concept has been a part of healthcare for many years. For example, a person who needs a blood transfusion is not given blood from a randomly selected donor; instead, the donor’s blood type is matched to the recipient to reduce the risk of complications. Although examples can be found in several areas of medicine, the role of precision medicine in day-to-day healthcare is relatively limited. Researchers hope that this approach will expand to many areas of health and healthcare in coming years.”

What is the difference between precision medicine and personalized medicine? What about pharmacogenomics?
According to the NIH US National Libarary of Medicine, National Research Council, there is a lot of overlap between the terms. Learn more.

Precision Medicine in Action

Progknowse Announces Partnerships with Three Health Systems
Progknowse Inc. (@progknowse), a precision medicine technology company seeking to produce predictive analytics with state-of-the-art algorithms using machine learning, has announced partnerships with three leading U.S. health systems. The three health systems include LifeBridge Health in Baltimore, Maryland, Riverside Health System in Newport News, Virginia, and St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Syapse Announces Collaboration with Pfizer in Oncology Precision Medicine Focused on Outcomes Research Using Real-World Evidence
Syapse (@Syapse), a company accelerating precision medicine through insights derived from its global health system network, announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Pfizer Inc. (@pfizer) to advance cancer outcomes research using real-world evidence toward the ultimate goal of improving patient health. This collaboration will initially focus on the molecular testing and therapy choices on precision oncology journeys in the healthcare system setting.

GNS Healthcare Raises $23 Million Led by Cigna Ventures
GNS Healthcare (GNS) (@gnshealthcare), a leading precision medicine company, announced a $23 million Series D fundraising round, led by Cigna Ventures, a strategic corporate venture capital partner and wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Cigna Corporation. Joining the Cigna Ventures-led funding round were Amgen Ventures, Celgene, Echo Health Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, as well as former Caesar’s CEO and Aetna Division President Gary Loveman.


Tune in to Harlow on Healthcare to hear healthcare attorney and award-winning blogger David Harlow and his guests discuss the critical issues shaping the future of health IT and healthcare at large. From cybersecurity to AI, precision medicine to health reform, if the topic is trending Harlow is on it. On this episode, listen to interviews from HIMSS19 talking genomics & precision medicine with Assaf Halevy, CEO and Joel Diamond MD, CMO of 2bPrecise, LLC, also Eric Van Portfliet CTO and Vik Kodipelli Sr. IT Architect of Patient Matters.

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How Precision Medicine Impacts Patient-Centricity In Clinical Trials – We are in the era of value-based, patient-centric precision medicine. Today’s patient engagement movement is born of patients who ever more frequently demand to be active participants and final decision makers in their healthcare. Instead of having providers just perfunctorily listen to their values, patients want those values to be genuinely heard and prevail in decision-making. This is particularly important given that medical decisions are complex and multidimensional, involving significant considerations of economic costs, probability of survival, and quality of life.


All of Us Research Program

Precision Medicine Initiative

The National Library of Medicine also tells us the “Precision Medicine Initiative is a long-term research endeavor, involving the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and multiple other research centers, which aims to understand how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle can help determine the best approach to prevent or treat disease.” The Initiative has both short and long term goals.


The Journal of Precision Medicine (@JournPrecMed)
The world’s first print publication to discuss the many key global issues surrounding this rapidly evolving landscape. It does so by connecting both ends of the life science continuum – the compelling discoveries being realized in molecular research with the critical needs of the patient in the clinical setting.

The Personalized Medicine Coalition  (@permedcoalition)
PMC, representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services and products to benefit patients and the health system.