Is Healthy Aging Really Possible? How Can Technology Help?

A Conversation with Richard Ashworth, President and CEO at Tivity Health

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Richard Ashworth joined Tivity Health (@TivityHealth) as President and CEO, and as a member of the Board of Directors, in June 2020. Previously, Ashworth facilitated the growth of Walgreens for nearly 30 years, transforming the company into a global leader in pharmacy and health and wellness. He started at Walgreens as a store clerk in 1992, and most recently led as President, responsible for developing the strategies and plans for all Walgreens operations including leadership, development and management of the business.

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5 Takeaways

  1. When attempting to reach the senior audience do not discount using technology. Every day this demographic becomes more and more tech savvy and willing to engage with healthcare offerings in the digital space.
  2. Tivity Health believes in meeting the consumer where they are, and in 2022 we did this by leveraging Big Tech’s already established platforms and infrastructures. This interoperability allowed us to achieve the innovative SilverSneakers and Apple Fitness+ collaboration.
  3. Supplemental Benefits, like SliverSneakers, are key for payers to include in their plans. These fitness benefits typically lead to lower hospitalizations and overall healthcare costs – a win for both the payer and consumer.
  4. Fitness for seniors goes beyond exercise, and organizations need to understand this new definition. Organizations need to understand that seniors now desire for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to be met.
  5. It is important to advocate for your consumer and Tivity Health does this by ensuring seniors priorities are top of mind for key decision makers.


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