Innovative Technologies to Improve Healthcare

Eric Dishman on MU Live!

It is not often that you get to meet someone that really captures your attention and imagination. I’ve met a lot of people in my life. I’ve met 2 women astronauts one that commanded the shuttle and a third astronaut that walked on the moon. I knew a rock star before she became one and I met the women who argued Roe vs. Wade to the Supreme Court. I’ve met the legendary heart surgeons DeBakey and Cooley. I’ve met a couple best selling authors and I’ve even met a President. Not a bad list for a not so famous person like myself. And from this list none have captured my attention and imagination like how it has been captured these past few weeks.

I am interviewing the Social Scientist, Eric Dishman tomorrow on MU Live! I have spent the past few weeks reading about him, his work, and his advocacies. He has spent twenty years working in the business to use innovative technologies to improve healthcare. Eric is an Intel Fellow. Intel defines this as representing “one of the highest levels of technical achievement within the company. They are selected for their technical leadership and outstanding contributions to the company and the industry.” He is the General Manager of Intel’s Health Strategy & Solutions Group, responsible for driving the company’s global strategy for growth and new business innovation in health, wellness, and life sciences.

You can find him on part of the Discovery Channel exploring life’s most fascinating mysteries. You can find him speaking at conferences or testifying to Congress. The past two years have found him working with China on their Age Friendly Cities initiative. Care Innovations is a 20 month old joint venture of Intel and GE focusing on personal health technologies and care models for the home and community. Eric also serves as the Director of Public Policy.

For more than half his life now he has been living with, maintaining, and battling a rare kidney disease. This past May he was put on the donor list for a transplant. He is now waiting for and to become a recipient through the list or by live donor. He writes about it in an open letter.

Tune in tomorrow at 2pm for MU Live! with our guest Eric Dishman. We will be discussing patient engagement, mobile technologies, why personal health care matters and why it needs to move to the home. And we will ask him about innovation, imagination, and global cultures. Does our culture have what it takes to change what we need to for sustainable health care in the future? And even if we are only meeting over the airwaves, I am looking forward to it and I am adding him to my list. I hope you can join us.