HIT Policy Committee Gives Update on EHR Incentive Program Progess

HIT Policy Committee Reports on EHR Incentive Program To DateLatest EHR Incentive Program Data Released

At last week’s HIT Policy Committee meeting Robert Anthony, deputy director of the Health IT Initiative Group at CMS’ Office of E-Health Standards and Services, reviewed the most current data on CMS EHR Incentive Program participation. The HIT Policy Committee makes recommendations to the National Coordinator for Health IT on a policy framework for the development and adoption of a nationwide health information infrastructure. The committee meets monthly with the next meeting scheduled for July, 9 starting at 9:30 a.m. EDT. Interested parties can participate online and by calling in: 

Pariticpate online: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/HITpolicy
Audio: 1-877-705-6006

At the June meeting, Anthony reported the latest data showing progress made by Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hosptials participating in the CMS EHR Incentive Program. Through April, 2013, $14.6 billion in incentives have been paid to Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals participating in the program.

At the meeting Anthony also released the following data:

  • 2,977 hospitals had successfully attested to meaningful use
  • 75% of eligible hospitals had made a financial commitment to certified EHR technology
  • 55% of Medicare- and Medicaid- eligible professionals had made a financial commitment to certified EHR technology
  • 75% of eligible professionals have registered for the EHR Incentive program
  • 77% of registered Eligible Hospitals have been paid under the program
  • 63% of all Eligible Professionals participating in the Medicaid EHR Incentives have received a payment
  • 61% of Eligible Professionals meeting meaningful user for Medicaid and Medicare were in specialty care

The ONC tracks progress of the EHR Incentive program through an Inforgraphics chart for anyone to follow. Along with reporting incentive payments made, the ONC also monitor progress made by the Regional Extension Centers and in the job market.

Some other current stats on the impact of the program:

  • The RECs have provided EHR adoption assistance to over 130,000 primary providers and 20,000 nurse practitioners
  • There are more than 1,700 unique certified EHR products
  • ePrescribing is now used by over 50% of all office-based physicians
  • Under the ONC Workforce Development Program, community colleges have trained over 17,500 health IT professionals.

View the latest Infographics through April here.