HIE Rundown 9-29-15

HIE Weekly RundownHealth Information Exchange (HIE) is happening every minute of every day. Your personal health information is moving and being viewed to improve the quality of your healthcare and lower the costs. The job will not be complete until all health records are digital and interoperable. Here’s what’s happening to make that reality.

Entrada Unveils Major Update to Mobile Productivity Platform, Introduces Patient-Centered Experience and Secure Messaging
Entrada (@EntradaHealthunveiled its new cloud-based mobile productivity platform – the biggest release in the history of the company – which aims to become the essential solution for caregivers each and every day to more efficiently and elegantly interact with their existing technology systems, particularly the electronic health record (EHR). With this release, Entrada further streamlines clinical documentation and collaboration for an even broader set of providers across the continuum of care.

Indiana Health Information Exchange and Franciscan Alliance Partner to Enhance Interoperability
With one click of the mouse, Franciscan Alliance physicians can seamlessly access the Indiana Health Information Exchange’s (IHIE) (@IndianaHIE) CareWeb application from within their Epic electronic health record system (EHR). This single sign-on process provides Franciscan Alliance physicians with the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information from all IHIE participants within their existing workflows. The process securely and automatically links the session to the proper patient, eliminating the need for the user to re-enter information. Read press release.

St. Joseph Hoag Health Partners with Hart to Launch Health App
St. Joseph Hoag Health (@stjoehealth) has partnered with Newport Beach, Calif.-based Hart, Inc. to launch a new mobile app designed to safely and securely manage health and wellness online or with a smart phone. This new app enables St. Joseph Hoag Health’s wide network of providers, patients and employees to easily manage their health on-the-go by allowing real-time access to medical records, lab results, post-visit instructions, pill reminders and much more.

WEDI and National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) Announce Partnership
The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) (@WEDIonline), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in healthcare information exchange, and the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority in consumer-mediated electronic health information exchange, announced a partnership to cooperate on Phase II of the Virtual Clipboard Initiative and to advance research concerning healthcare interoperability.

Medfusion Launches First Consumer Mobile App to Simplify Healthcare Records
To provide patients with a one-stop destination for all of their medical records, Medfusion (@medfusion)—a patient engagement platform dedicated to facilitating the relationship between doctors and patients—has developed a consumer mobile application—Medfusion Plus. Read press release.

EngagedMedia Issued 2nd Patent
Digital Health Dialog, LLC dba EngagedMedia announced the issuance to it by the US Patent and Trademark Office of U.S. Patent No. 9,076,186. The company’s technology includes proprietary processes for electronic opt-in for health and wellness programs, HIPAA compliance and otherwise.

Medullan and Altarum Institute Partner to Forge Innovative Patient Engagement Applications
Medullan, Inc. (@medullan), a digital healthcare consultancy focused on improving the healthcare experience through human centered solutions, announced a partnership with Altarum Institute (@Altarum) to license the Altarum Consumer Engagement (ACE) Measure. Under the terms of the agreement, Medullan will have full commercial use of the ACE survey toolset for deployment in client engagements and other commercial deployments. Read press release.

DataMotion Sponsors HIE Conference to Support Secure Communications across Healthcare Spectrum Including Patients
DataMotion (@DataMotion), an experienced email encryption and health information service provider (HISP), announced it is a Platinum Sponsor of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Conference, taking place September 27-30 in Deer Valley, Utah. For the first time, the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) has joined with the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) and HIT Users Group (HUG) to present a joint, comprehensive conference with speakers and presentations addressing critical HIE opportunities including enabling patient access to their health information.